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Cleaning And Maintenance - Haier HWT07AN1 User Manual

Top load full-automatic washing machine
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Cleaning and Maintenance

Remove the power plug before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance.
Clean the lint filter(s) and detergent box after each wash, otherwise it may influence
you using the machine.
Clean the detergent box and set it on the
control panel seat.
1.The method of dismantling: Tilt upward
pull out and gently.
2.The method of cleaning: Use a brush
and duster cloth to clean it, then flush
it with water.
3.Installation method: tilt upward and
push in.
The filter at the water inlet valve may
become blocked by impurities in the
water supply. Clean it with a plastic
bristled brush every two months.
If the cabinet is dirty, wipe it with a damp cloth
Do not wash directly with water.
Wipe with a neutral detergent (please check
directions on detergent bottle first).
Do not wipe machine with thinners, petrol,
alcohol or other hash solvents.
1.After the washing cycle has finshed, turn off the water faucet. (If needed, you can
remove the water inlet hose).
2.Do not store water in the washing machine for a long period without completing a
wash cycle. Drain the water completely after each wash.
3.Hang up the power cord and drain hose.
4.Wipe up any drops of water on the surface of the machine and inside the tub. Leave
the lid open for about 1 hour after each wash to evaporate any residual water.
Both lint filters must be used during
Must be cleaned after each use.
Remove and reinstall the lint filter as
1.Push down spring piece of the top lint
filter and pull out to remove (figure1)
2.Pull the back of the lint filter to open
3.Remove any lint in the lint filter.
4.Push the back of the lint filter back into
the front cover.
5.Put the lint filter into filter housing , and
make it tight.
6.Make sure the lint filter is well installed,
or it can influence performance of the
The front cover of the lint filter
The back cover of the lint filter
Figure 1
Figure 2



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