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Mitsubishi Electric ecodan Quick Start Manual page 14


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The following is to be used as a guide to possible problems. It is not exhaustive and all
serious problems should be investigated by the installer or another competent person.
Users should not attempt to repair the system themselves. At no time should the system
be operating with the safety devices by-passed or blocked up.
An error code appears in the main controller display
The indoor or outdoor unit is reporting an abnormal condition: Make a note of the
error code number and contact installer.
Pump runs without reason for short time
Pump jam prevention mechanism to inhibit the build up of scale is working.
Normal operation, no action necessary.
Mechanical noise heard coming from cylinder unit
Heaters switching on/off: Normal operation, no action required. 3-way valve
changing position between DHW and heating mode: Normal operation, no action
Heating emitter is hot in the DHW mode (the room temperature rises)
The 3-way valve may have foreign objects in it, or hot water may flow to the
heating side due to malfunctions: Contact installer.
'Smoke' is blown from the front of the Ecodan in cold weather
This is warm air being blown from the Ecodan to ensure the internal parts don't
freeze. It is known as the defrost cycle: Normal operation, no action necessary.
Power failure
All settings will be saved for 1 week with no power, after 1 week Date/Time ONLY
will be saved.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents