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Save Energy, Save Money
How to operate your system efficiently
The Ecodan provides water at a lower temperature than the gas or oil fired boiler you
may be used to. This means that you may notice some differences between this system
and ones you have used before. Below is a list of the main differences and how these
will affect you.
Difference to Oil/Gas Boiler
The supply temperature of
the central heating water in
a traditional heating system
is anywhere between 75°C
and 85°C, in the case of low
temperature heating this
temperature is anywhere
between 35°C and 55°C.
This is not only better for
the environment, it is also
a lot cheaper!
Central heating will not
run whilst the hot water
tank is being heated.
Advanced Controls
To optimise running costs it is advisable the homeowner seeks the most cost effective electricity tariff.
How does Ecodan differ to gas and oil heating?
Radiators will not feel
as hot as on a fossil
fuel boiler system.
Central heating may
be slower to respond
when you change the
set temperature.
Room temperature may
decrease a little during
water tank heat up.
Heating can be tailored
to a your needs and
can result in a more
efficient system.
This is not a problem for heating as
the radiator temperature is higher than
your desired room temperature.
Please do not hang clothes on the
radiators as it prevents the heat from
passing to the air in the room.
Please ensure you wait sufficient
time before adjusting the controls
again. Be patient.
Use the schedule function to heat
water up overnight or during a time
when the home is unoccupied.
It is normally more efficient
to run the system in "Room Auto
Adaptation" mode for heating.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents