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Mitsubishi Electric ecodan Quick Start Manual page 7


Table of Contents
Holiday mode
To set up holiday mode, hold down the power /
holiday button on the bottom right of the control.
Set the dates you are away and ensure the clock
is showing by pressing F1. Finally press the tick
button to confirm your date selection.
Alternatively you can set this on your MELCloud
app. More details on MELCloud is explained on
page 12.
Wireless Controller
Wireless controller
You may also have a wireless controller, this
controller detects the temperature in the room
so ensure it is in a good location.
The top temperature displayed is the target
temperature and the bottom is the actual
temperature. Use the up and down arrows to
change the target temperature. Hold the tap
button to force the system into hot water mode.
For holiday mode, hold down the suitcase button
and adjust the time with the arrow buttons and
press the suitcase again to confirm.
Holiday Mode

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents