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How To Operate; Humidity Setting - Hitachi RD-190GX Instruction Manual


How to Operate

Humidity Indicator
Dehumidifier Function Selection:With only one touch, the unit activates.
Easy to turn on/off and select an individual function.

「Humidity Setting」

Current Humidity
is 60%
Dehumidifying Function
Current Humidity
Current Humidity
is lower than 30%
is higher than 90%
All needs can be satisfied with only one touch.
Press the pad
The machine will keep running until the water
receptacle is full no matter how much the
humidity level is.
Press the pad
With the temperature detection, the unit will
control the relative humidity by itself to reach to
the most comfortable humidity level. Humidity
control setting is not allowed at this mode.
(this unit has no humidifying function)
Press the pad
The unit will automatically operate to reach
humidity level which mold is not easy to grow.
Humidity control setting is not available.
This function cannot remove the mold
that has been grown.
Press the pad
The machine will detect the humidity around the unit
by the sensor, the operation will automatically stop if
the humidity is below 30%. Clothes drying function,
the time required to dry clothes will vary by number,
thickness and wetness of clothes. Wind speed and
humidity level control is not available. If the humidity
of the room is below 30%, the operation may stop
before the laundry dries. The "Automatic Clothes
Drying" is an assistant function for clothes drying. If
the clothes have not yet been dried, in such case,
press the "Continuous Dehumidification".
Press the pad
level and the unit will operate. (the setting sequence
is:40% → 45% → 50% → 55% → 60% → 65% →
70% → 40% → 45% →...... )
Set the humidity
control to 60%
Dehumidifying Function
Dehumidifying Function.
Dehumidifying Function.
Dehumidifying Function.
to select the desired humidity



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