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When The Water Receptacle Is Full - Hitachi RD-190GX Instruction Manual


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How to Operate
When the water receptacle is full of water, the display
Hold both sides of the receptacle with
both hands or hold the bottom of the
receptacle and gently pull it out.
Grab the handle to lift the receptacle.
W a t e r R e c e p t a c l e C l e a n i n g
Lift the water tank
cover first then
separate it from the
Important Notes
●When the water receptacle is not placed correctly, the water level display will illuminate
with red light, the control panel will indicate full water and the unit will cycle off.
The dehumidifier will not function until the water receptacle is placed back inside the
unit properly.
●If the water receptacle is removed before the full water indicator turns on, please empty
the receptacle and then place it back inside the unit again.
Any residual water could flow into the bottom base of the unit and the float inside the
water receptacle could not touch the full water sensor, making the unit cycle off.
Please ensure the receptacle is emptied and returned to its proper position.
●Please contact the service staff if the full water sensor is damaged.
Do not try to repair it.
Receptacle Full
Clean the receptacle with
water(water should not
be hotter than 40℃).
Use clean fabrics to dry it
or air-dry it in a cool
place; check that the float
is placed properly and
can run smoothly.
Twist the round cover and untwist it after
emptying the receptacle.
Please gently push the
water receptacle back to the
unit. (with both hands)
Reinstall the cover on the
water receptacle. Press
down the cover to ensure
it is aligned and the
receptacle cover is
attached onto the rim of
will illuminate.


Table of Contents

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