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Continuous Drainage - Hitachi RD-190GX Instruction Manual


Table of Contents
How to Operate
I n s t a l l a t i o n
For continuous drainage, please purchase a plastic hose with 13mm inner diameter.
Open the continuous drainage port on the back of the dehumidifier.
Insert the hose through the continuous drainage port on the back of the dehumidifier
and attach it onto the nozzle.
Ensure it is
attached firmly
to prevent it
from leaking.
Drain Hole Cap
Plastic Hose
Important Notes
●Besides receiving water, the water receptacle is also an important component for full
water detection, so it must be placed in the proper position.
●Direct the hose down toward the drain and make sure there are no kinks that will stop
the water flowing.
●Place the end of the hose into the drain and make sure the end of the hose is level or
down otherwise once there is water residual in the hose, it could cause a problem for
●Do not use continuous drainage at a location with a temperature lower than 0℃.
A frozen hose will affect the drainage.
●If the temperature of drainage water inside the hose is very different from the ambient
temperature, dew condensation water will occur on the surface of the hose. In the
circumstance, please perform heat treatment to the drain hose first.
●This dehumidifier is for residential use. If the unit has been continuously used, check
the air filter for its cleanliness, hose clog and restart after a power failure once a
week to see if there is any abnormalities.

Continuous Drainage



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