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Storing Dehumidifier; After Sales Service And Warranty - Hitachi RD-190GX Instruction Manual


Important Notes
Do not clean the air filter with water over 40℃ or expose it to direct sunlight, otherwise
it may shrink and deform.
If the Anti-Dust Mite filter is damaged or gets too dirty because of long-term use and
need replacement, please contact our service center for purchasing new filters. Remove
the current Anti-Dust Mite filter and seal it for disposal.
Air filter must be reinstalled to the dehumidifier after cleaning, otherwise dirt will clog it
and cause malfunction.
Use soft fabrics with neutral detergent
or lukewarm water to wipe the unit.
Important Notes
If water gets in the unit, it may damage the
insulation and cause rusting.
Clean electrical parts (control panel) with a dry

Storing Dehumidifier

For prolonged periods of non-use, please store the dehumidifier after performing
the following procedures to enhance durability.
1 Unplug the
power cord
from the socket.

After Sales Service and Warranty

Stop the unit immediately and contact the dealer if the following issues happen
●The indicator light next to the pad
display starts flashing with "Er", "E2", "E3" or "E4".
●Indoor fuse breaker or fuse has tripped or blown.
●Abnormal substance or water gets into the unit accidentally.
●Power cord or plug has an abnormal heating issue.
Appearance Maintenance
2 Empty all the
3 Use water or a
water in the
Please use fabrics with clean water to wipe the unit
again after neutral detergent is used.
Do not use the following items to prevent
damaging the plastic case.
Cleaning naphtha, volatile oil, ethanol,
petroleum, soap powder, polishing powder,
alkaline detergents, hot water, acid, brush, etc.
4 Place the unit in a
vacuum cleaner
to clean the air
illuminates and at the same time the LCD
place to avoid direct
sun light and with
well ventilation for
half a day. Store the
unit in the upright



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