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Additional Cautions - Hitachi RD-190GX Instruction Manual


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Power Saving Methods
Keep doors and windows closed tightly
Reduce the frequency of door and window opening as the outdoor
air will enter and decrease the dehumidifying efficiency.
Place the unit in a good air circulation place
In order to increase the dehumidifying efficiency, please select
locations with no heat sources and better air circulation. Do not use
the unit in a confined space such as wardrobe or dressing room. Do
not cover the unit with clothing otherwise it could cause fire due to a
poor heat dissipation of the unit.
Remember to clean the filter
The unit will be less effective and even malfunction due to a
clogged air filter, so it is suggested to clean the filter with water or
vacuum cleaner once every two weeks.

Additional Cautions

Choosing a Location......
The uneven ground is the reason for noise and vibration, so
please select a proper floor which is able to support the weight of the
dehumidifier. Moreover, keep a proper distance between the unit and
walls, furniture and curtains to avoid poor ventilation. If the air inlet
and outlet grilles are clogged, dehumidifying effect will be reduced
and noise will be greater. Moreover, it may induce danger due to
poor heat dissipation. Accurate temperature and humidity cannot be
measured if the vents of the sensor are blocked, so please refer to
the graph on the right for installation.
Place the machine on an level place.
Do not place the unit on a shaggy rug......
When using the unit in tilted situation, the floor could get wet from
the overflow of water from the receptacle, the vibration and noise
can get bigger, so the inclination of floor must be below 0.5 cm.
Cautions when moving the unit......
Do not roll the unit across rugs forcibly or even while there is
water in the receptacle. These behaviors could cause the unit fall
over or water in the receptacle overflow.
Unit operation during power outage‥‥‥
Whenever a power outage or recovery power supply causes the replug
of power supply after accidental unplug occur, this function will
automatically restore the operation of the unit to its previous operating
mode (except the timer setting), by this time, the fan will
automatically start to run for approximately 3 minutes first before the
dehumidifying function starts. (Note: Do not turn off the unit by other
methods except pressing the pad "STOP" on the control panel. )


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