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Brother DCP-110C Quick Setup Manual

Brother dcp-110c: quick setup.
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Before you can use the machine, you must set up the hardware and install the driver.
Please read this "Quick Setup Guide" for proper set up and installation instructions.
Step 1
Step 2
For the latest drivers and to find the best solution for your problem or question, access the Brother
Solutions Center directly from the driver or go to
Keep this "Quick Setup Guide", User's Guide and supplied CD-ROM in a convenient place for
quick and easy reference at all times.
Setting Up the Machine
Installing the Driver & Software
Setup is Complete!
Version A


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   Summary of Contents for Brother DCP-110C

  • Page 1

    Installing the Driver & Software Setup is Complete! For the latest drivers and to find the best solution for your problem or question, access the Brother Solutions Center directly from the driver or go to Keep this “Quick Setup Guide”, User’s Guide and supplied CD-ROM in a convenient place for quick and easy reference at all times.

  • Page 2

    Warning Indicates warnings that Indicates cautions that must be observed to must be observed to use prevent possible the machine properly or personal injury. to prevent damage to the machine. Hint Indicates notes and Indicates reference to the useful tips to remember User’s Guide.

  • Page 3: Carton Components

    ■ Getting Started Carton Components Accessory Order Form Black (LC41BK) Carton components may differ from one country to another. Save all packing materials and the carton. If you are connecting the machine via USB: ■ The interface cable is not a standard accessory. Please purchase an appropriate USB 2.0 interface cable.

  • Page 4: Control Panel

    Control Panel 1. Copy keys 2. Set key 3. Navigation keys 4. Stop/Exit key For the details of the control panel, see "Control panel overview" in Chapter 1 of the User’s Guide. 5. Start keys 6. On/Off key 7. Ink key 8.

  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Setting Up the Machine Step 1 1. Removing the Protective Parts ... 4 2. Loading Paper ... 4 3. Installing the Power Cord... 5 4. Installing the Ink Cartridges... 5 5. Print Quality Check ... 7 6. Selecting Your Language (Canada only) ... 8 7.

  • Page 6: Setting Up The Machine

    Step 1 Setting Up the Machine Removing the Protective Parts Remove the protective tape. DO NOT connect the USB cable. Connecting the USB cable is done when installing the driver. Loading Paper You can load up to 100 sheets of 20 lb paper.

  • Page 7: Installing The Power Cord

    Installing the Power Cord Connect the power cord. DO NOT connect the USB cable yet. Warning The DCP must be connected to a grounded/earthed plug. Installing the Ink Cartridges Warning If ink gets in your eyes wash them with water immediately, and if irritation occurs consult a doctor.

  • Page 8

    Step 1 Setting Up the Machine Remove the protective parts. Do not throw away the protective parts. You will need them when you transport the machine. Take out the ink cartridge. Carefully remove the bottom cap. DO NOT touch the area shown in the illustration below.

  • Page 9: Print Quality Check

    We also strongly recommend that you continue to use only Genuine Brother Brand replacement ink cartidges. Using or attempting to use potentially incompatible inks and/or cartridges in your machine may...

  • Page 10: Selecting Your Language (canada Only)

    Step 1 Setting Up the Machine If all lines are clear and visible, press finish the quality check. ---OR--- If you can see missing short lines, press and go to The LCD asks you if the print quality is OK for black and color.

  • Page 11: Setting The Date And Time

    Setting the Date and Time Setting the date and time allows the machine to clean the print head regularly and maintain optimum print quality. It also allows the machine to name files created when using the Scan to Card feature. Press Menu.

  • Page 12: Step 2

    View the User’s Guide and other documentation in PDF format. You can access the Brother Solutions Center which is a Web site offering information about your Brother product including FAQs, User’s Guides, Driver updates and Tips for using your machine.

  • Page 13: For Windows ® 98/98se/me/2000 Professional/xp

    Step 2 Installing the Driver & Software Follow the instructions on this page for your operating system. ■ For Windows ■ For Mac OS ■ For Mac OS ® 98/98SE/Me/2000 Professional/XP... Go to page 12 ® 8.6 to 9.2... Go to page 15 ®...

  • Page 14

    MFL-Pro Suite. ■ Make sure there are no media cards inserted into the media drive of the machine. ■ Brother recommends you connect the machine directly to your computer. ■ Please close any applications running before installing the MFL-Pro Suite.

  • Page 15

    Yes. The installation of PaperPort automatically start and is followed by the installation of MFL-Pro Suite. When the Brother MFL-Pro Suite Software License Agreement window appears, click Yes, if you agree to the Software Licence Agreement. Select Local Connection, and then click Next.

  • Page 16

    Turn on the machine by plugging in the power cord. It will take a few seconds for the installation screen to appear. The installation of the Brother drivers will automatically start. The installation screens appear one after another, please wait for a while.

  • Page 17

    ® For Mac OS 8.6 to 9.2 Make sure that you have completed the instructions from Step 1 “Setting Up the Machine” on pages 4 - 9. Disconnect the machine from the AC outlet ® and from the Macintosh , if you have already connected an interface cable.

  • Page 18

    Turn on the machine by plugging in the power cord. ® From the Apple Click the Brother Ink icon you installed. On the right side of the Chooser, select the printer to which you want to print. Close the Chooser.

  • Page 19

    USB interface cable has been connected before restarting your Macintosh or if you are overwriting a previously installed version of the Brother Software. If you encounter this problem continue with the installation skipping step 10 and then see the...

  • Page 20

    Step 2 Installing the Driver & Software 3. Carefully route the USB cable through the trench and out the back of the machine as shown below. Warning Ensure that the cable does not restrict the cover from closing, or an error may occur. DO NOT connect the machine to a USB port on a keyboard or a non powered USB hub.

  • Page 21

    Select USB. Select DCP-110C and then click Add. Select Quit Printer Setup Utility from the Printer Setup Utility menu. The MFL-Pro Suite, Brother Printer driver and Scanner driver have been installed and the installation is now complete. ® To install Presto!

  • Page 22: Consumables And Options

    Black LC41BK Option The external wireless Print/Scan server (802.11b) is available for Brother DCP’s as an option. ■ Requires USB 2.0 cable (not included). ■ Supports Mac OS ■ You can assign the scan key to one networked computer only.

  • Page 23: Compilation And Publication

    Compilation and Publication Under the supervision of Brother Industries Ltd., this manual has been compiled and published, covering the latest product descriptions and specifications. The contents of this manual and the specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.

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