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Warranty Terms And Conditions - Motorola Air Conditioners Instruction Manual


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Warranty Terms & Conditions
Flipkart India Private Limited ("Company") warranties the product to be free from manufacturing
defects or any other specific defect as may be specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions
below. The warranty is for a period mentioned in the Specific Terms and Conditions below, the
invoice (if not specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions below), as well as the product listing
page, and such period shall commence from the date of purchase of the product by the first end
user. This is a non-transferable warranty, valid only in the territory of India and extended only to
the first end user customer ("Customer") basis the following terms and conditions, which the
Customer is deemed to have accepted upon purchase of the product:
1. The warranty period of the product is 1 year, commencing from the date of purchase,
Warranty service which includes replacement or repairs, will be carried out through the Autho-
rised Service Centers ("ASC/s") only.
2. Warranty will be valid only when the original purchase invoice is presented at the time of
service. Company reserves the right to decline warranty service, if the purchase invoice is not
3. In case of commercial usage of the product, warranty period would be limited to 90 days only.
4. Warranty will cover only functional parts, issues having manufacturing defects and does not
cover damages to the product resulting from unauthorised adaptations/ adjustments/ tampering/
repair , improper installation or placement, mishandling, improper use, deviation from the instruc-
tions set out in the user manual (if applicable) normal wear and tear caused due to use of the
5. Warranty does not cover any external accessories and fittings to the product.
6. All plastic, rubber, glass, or aesthetic parts and consumable replacements will be on a charge-
able basis.
7. Warranty shall not apply to damages caused to the product by accident, voltage fluctuations,
lightening, ingress of water (beyond certified limits, if any), fire or any other natural calamity,
improper ventilation, dropping or excessive shock, or any external cause beyond Company's
9. Company is not liable to provide repair services or spare parts after the period of warranty
expires and the same if provided will be on a chargeable basis.
10. Whilst the Company, through its ASC, shall make every effort to carry out the service at the
earliest, it is expressly clarified that the Company is under no obligation to do so within a certain
time period.
11. Whilst Company would take all necessary steps to repair the product under warranty and
maintain sufficient stock of the spare parts of the products, in certain cases, at its sole discretion,
Company may due to non-availability of spare parts of the product or product being in a state
which is beyond economic repair, offer a replacement scheme to the Customer. The terms of such
replacement offer is subject to change from year to year and shall also be applicable on the maxi-
mum retail price of the product.
12. All transportation & handling expenses incurred while replacing or repairing will be payable by
the Customer.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents