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Motorola Air Conditioners Instruction Manual

Motorola Air Conditioners Instruction Manual


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  • Page 7: Indoor Unit

    NAMES OF PARTS INDOOR UNIT INDOOR UNIT Description Front panel Air filter Optional filter (if installed) LED Display Signal receiver Terminal block cover Ionizer generator (if installed) Deflectors Emergency button Indoor unit rating label ( Stick position optional Airflow direction louver Remote controller OUTDOOR UNIT No.
  • Page 8 INDOOR UNIT DISPLAY Function This symbol appears when the unit is power on POWER SLEEP mode SLEEP (1) Lights up during Timer operation when the air conditioner is operational Temperature display (if present) (2)Displays the malfunction code when fault /Error code occurs.
  • Page 9 front panel front panel Emergency button The emergency button in some models could be on the right part of the unit under the front panel.
  • Page 10: Remote Controller

    REMOTE CONTROLLER Button Function To turn on or off the air conditioner . OPTION To activate or deactivate optional function(Check below table). To decrease temperature, time setting or choose the function. To increase temperature , time setting or choose the function. To activate/deactivate the GEN function which enables the unit run in the set current level,cycle as below OFF L3 L2 L1 Press this button to activate/deactivate the ECO function .
  • Page 11 AUTO COOL DRY HEAT ECO SLEEP TIMER I FEEL HEALTH MILDEW CLEAN DISPLAY 8 CH WIND FREE GEN MODE You will hear a beep when you press the following buttons or select the following optional functions, though the actual model haven't this function, we express our apologies: (Optional Function: COMFORTABLE COOLING airflow) HEALTH (Optional Function: generate the ionizer) (Optional Function: COMFORTABLE HEATING airflow)
  • Page 12 REMOTE CONTROLLER Remote controller DISPLAY Meaning of symbols on the liquid crystal display Symbols Meaning Single indicator Child Lock function indicator Battery indicator Mode Auto function indicator Mode Cooling indicator Mode Dry indicator Mode Fan indicator Mode Heating indicator Timer indicator TIMER Temperature indicator Flashing...
  • Page 13: Replacement Of Batteries

    Replacement of Batteries Remove the battery cover plate from the rear of the remote controller, by sliding it in the direction of the arrow. nstall the batteries according the direction (+and -)shown on the Remote Controller. Reinstall the battery cover by sliding it into place. Use 2 LRO 3 AAA (1.5V) batteries .
  • Page 14: "Swing" Control Of The Air Flow

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS The air sucked by the fan enters from the grill and passes through the filter, then it is cooled/dehumidified Filter or heated through the heat exchanger. Heat Exchanger The direction of the air outlet is motorized up and down by flaps, and manually moved right and left by the vertical deflectors, for some models, the vertical deflectors could be controlled by motor as well.
  • Page 15: Cooling Mode

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS COOLING MODE The cooling function allows the air condit- ioner to cool the room and at the same time COOL reduces Air humidity. To activate the cooling function ( COOL ) , press the MODE button until the symbol COOL appears on the display.
  • Page 16: Auto Mode

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FAN MODE(Not FAN button) The air conditioner works in only ventilation. To set the FAN mode , Press MODE until FAN appears on the display. To optimize the function of the air conditioner, adjust the temperature(1), the speed (2) and the direction of the air flow (3) by pressing the buttons indicated.
  • Page 17: Eco Function

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS (Optional) The air conditioner works in GEN mode Through GEN mode,you can choose the current level of the unit.There are three levels (L1,L2,L3) in this mode, and the current increases in turn. To activate GEN function,pressing the button GEN and the unit current level will cycle as below OFF L3 L2 L1 To cancel this function,press the GEN until code OFF...
  • Page 18: Timer Function

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS TIMER function TIMER To set the automatic switch-on /off of the air conditioner Timer setting/change/cancel: 1. Press OPTION at the first time , select the Timer by pressing the button or until symbol TIMER is flashing; 2. Press OPTION again, the data symbol like and TIMER will be flashing;...
  • Page 19: Self-Clean Function

    OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS MILDEW function (Optional) MILDEW Press OPTION at the first time , select the MILDEW by pressing the button or until symbol MILDEW is flashing; Press OPTION again to activate the MILDEW function, and appears on the display. MILDEW Do it again to deactivate this function.
  • Page 20 The air conditioner is programmed for comfortable and suitable living conditions as below if used outside the conditions, certain safety protection features might come into effect.,...
  • Page 23: Refrigerant Piping Connection

    Refrigerant piping connection The piping can be run in the 3 directions indicated by numbers in the picture . When the piping is run in direction 1or3, cut a notch along the groove on the side of the indoor unit with a cutter. Run the piping in the direction of the wall hole and bind the copper pipes , the drain pipe and the power cables together with the tape with the drain pipe at the bottom,...
  • Page 25: Electrical Connections

    INSTALLATION MANUAL---Installation of the outdoor unit ELECTRICAL CONNECTIONS wiring diagram on the back of the cover 1. Remove the handle on the right side plate of outdoor unit. 2. Connect the power connection cord to the terminal board. Wiring should fit that of indoor unit. 3.
  • Page 27 FIXED-SPEED TYPE 28/30k/36k 22/24k 15/18k MODEL capacity (Btu/h) Liquid pipe diameter ( 6) ( 6) ( 6) ( 6) ( 6) ( 9.52) ( 9.52) Gas pipe diameter ( 9.52) ( 9.52) ( 9.52) ( 12) ( 12) ( 15.88) ( 15.88) Lenght of pipe with standard charge Maximum distance between indoor and outdoor unit...
  • Page 28 Front panel Wiring diagram Wiring diagram Outdoor handle cover...
  • Page 30 antidust filter...
  • Page 32: Warranty Terms And Conditions

    Warranty Terms & Conditions Flipkart India Private Limited ("Company") warranties the product to be free from manufacturing defects or any other specific defect as may be specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions below. The warranty is for a period mentioned in the Specific Terms and Conditions below, the invoice (if not specified in the Specific Terms and Conditions below), as well as the product listing page, and such period shall commence from the date of purchase of the product by the first end user.
  • Page 33 13. For any warranty claim requested by the Customer from the region beyond municipal limits of the jurisdiction of the ASC, a visit by an authorised service personnel may be arranged by the Company through its ASC, on a case to case basis, at its sole discretion and the charges towards such visit will be borne by the Customer.

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