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Installation - AEG IDK84454IB Instruction On Mounting And Use Manual

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3. Installation

Both electric and mechanical installation must be carried out
by specialised personnel.
The electrical appliance is designed to be built into a work top with
a thickness of 2-6 cm in the case of TOP installation; 2.5-6 cm in
the case of FLUSH installation.
The minimum distance between the hob and the wall must be at
least 5 cm in front, at least 4 cm on the sides and at least 50 cm
from overhead wall units.
NB = The recommended distances are given as examples:
when planning the spaces, the indications of the kitchen
manufacturer must be observed.
3.1 Electrical connection
Fig. 3
● Disconnect the device from the electric power supply. ●
Installation must be carried out by professionally qualified
personnel with knowledge of the regulations in force for installation
and safety. ● The manufacturer denies all liability to persons,
animals or property if the guidelines provided in this chapter are
not followed. ● The power cable must be long enough to allow the
hob to be removed from the worktop. ● Make sure that the voltage
on the serial number data plate on the bottom of the device
corresponds to that of the domestic environment where it will be
installed. ● Do not use extension leads. ● The earth power cable
must be 2cm longer than the other cables. ● If the electrical
appliance is not supplied with a power cable, use one with a
minimum conductor diameter of 2.5 mm
Watt; for higher power levels, the diameter must be 4 mm
temperature must not reach 50°C above room temperature
anywhere along the cable. ● The appliance is intended for
permanent connection to the power supply.
Note: to connect the appliance using the optional single
phase connection the existing cable must be removed and
replaced with another type (not supplied) having the following
single phase connection: H05V2V2-F 3G4 cable
Fig. 3a
Please note! Before reconnecting the circuit to the mains power
supply, make sure that it is working correctly, always check that the
power cable is correctly installed.
Please note! The interconnection cable must be replaced by the
authorised technical support service or by a person with similar
Note : the product is equipped with a Power Limitator function,
which allows a maximum power limit to be set
The limit must be set at the time of the product's connection to the
electrical network or when the electrical network itself is
reconnected (within the following 2 minutes). For the Power
Limitation setting sequence, see the Operation section of this
for power up to 7200
. ● The
3.2 Mounting
Before starting the installation:
After unpacking the product, check that it has not been
damaged during transport and in the event of problem,
please contact the reseller or the Customer support
service before installing it.
Check that the product is the right size for the installation
Check for accessories (e.g. bags containing screws, warranty
certificates, etc.) inside the packaging (placed there for
transport reasons). Remove and keep them safe, if present.
Also check that there is a power socket near the installation
Preparing the cabinet for installation:
The product cannot be installed above cooling appliances,
dishwashers, heaters, ovens, washing machines and dryers.
Create the cut-outs in the cabinet before inserting the hob and
carefully remove any shavings or sawdust.
use a single-component adhesive sealant (S),
which withstands temperatures up to 250°; before installation,
thoroughly clean the surfaces to stick and eliminate any
substance that may compromise adhesion, (e.g. release
agents, preservatives, fats, oil, dust, traces of old adhesives,
etc.); the adhesive should be uniformly spread all around the
outside of the frame; after sticking, leave the adhesive to dry
for about 24 hours.
Fig. 1b
CAUTION! Failure to install screws and fasteners in accordance
with these instructions may result in electrical hazards.
Note: to ensure the correct installation of the product, it is
recommended to tape the pipes using an adhesive with the
following characteristics:
- soft elastic PVC film, with an acrylic-based adhesive
- compliant with DIN EN 60454 regulations
- flame retardant
- excellent resistance to wear
- resistant to temperature fluctuations
- can be used at low temperatures