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Maintenance - Electrolux TE1220E User Manual

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5 Maintenance

It is the responsibility of the owner of the machine/the laundry manager to make sure that maintenance is periodically
Lack of maintenance may deteriorate the performance of the machine and may cause damage to components.
A program and/or schedule should be established for periodic inspection, cleaning, and removal of
lint from various areas of the dryer, as well as throughout the ductwork system. The frequency of
Cleaning can best be determined from experience at each location. Maximum operating efficiency is
dependent upon proper airflow. The accumulation of lint can restrict this airflow.
Clean the lint screen after each load.
Weekly or 50 hours
Clean lint accumulation from lint chamber, and temperature sensor NTC1 area.
Clean the door gasket.
Use a soft wash cloth and mild detergent toc lean door.
Every Three Months or 500 hours
Disconnect Power.
On removing the lint filter from the lint compartment, clean lint in the lint compartment.
Check to clear any accumulated lint around NTC1 (See Image below)
Clean any lint accumulation in and around the motor(s) casing opening.
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