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To be carried out by
Every 6 Months or 1000 hours (Refer this service to qualified personnel)
Inspect and remove lint accumulation external exhaust ductwork and from dryer's internal
exhaust ducting.
The accumulation of lint in the exhaust ductwork can create a potential fire hazard.
Do not obstruct the flow of combustion and ventilation air. Check back draft dampers in
the exhaust ductwork. Inspect and remove any lint accumulation, which can cause the
damper to bind or stick. Obstructed ducting leads to longer drying times, higher energy
consumption and reduced motor life
If ducting is highly obstructed with lint change to a shorter service interval such as every
three months.
A back-draft damper that is sticking partially closed can result in slow drying and the
shutdown of heat circuit safety switches or thermostats.
When cleaning the dryer cabinet, avoid using cleaners with harsh abrasives. A product
intended for appliance cleaning is recommended.
Every 12 Months or 2000 hours
A competent service professional should inspect bolts, nuts, screws, setscrews, grounding
Belts should be examined. Cracked or seriously frayed belts should be replaced.
Complete an operational check of controls and valves.
Complete an operational check of all safety devices (lint switch, door switch).
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents