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Robotic vacuum cleaner
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Error 16: Robot tilted. Move to level ground and restart.
Error 17: Side brush error. Reset robot.
Error 18: Fan error. Reset robot.
Error 21: Vertical bumper pressed. Move robot and retry.
Error 22: Dock locator error. Clean and retry .
Error 23: Could not return to dock. Clean dock location beacon and retry.
Error 27: VibraRise system jammed. Check for obstructions.
Error 28: Robot on carpet. Move robot to floor and retry.
Filter blocked or wet. Clean, dry, and retry.
No-go zone or Invisible Wall detected. Move robot from this area.
Cannot cross carpet. Move robot across carpet and restart.
Internal error. Reset the robot.
Note: A system reset may resolve some problems.
If the problem persists after using the recommendations in the table above, please email our after-sales service team:
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Europe Support:

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents