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Alphasmart AS 3000 User Manual: Frequently Asked Questions

Alphasmart as 3000: user guide.
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Appendix A

Frequently Asked Questions

How many students can take a quiz on one AlphaSmart
AlphaQuiz SmartApplet can hold responses for up to eight students
for all quizzes combined. The eight response sets can be distributed
among the loaded quizzes in any way. For instance, if two quizzes are
loaded and one of them currently has two sets of responses (that is,
two students have taken that quiz), the other quiz may have up to six
response sets.
How many different quizzes can be loaded onto an
AlphaSmart device?
Up to four different quizzes can be loaded at one time.
Does the student response to a short answer question have to
be spelled correctly? Is it case-sensitive?
If you are using QuizManager's auto-grading capability for a short
answer question, the spelling of the response must exactly match one
of the teacher-supplied correct answers for the question to be
counted as correct. AlphaQuiz allows the designer of a quiz to supply
more than one correct answer for a short answer question to
accommodate variations in spelling or multiple correct forms (rain,
raindrops). Case-sensitivity can be turned on for any short answer
question, or a response can even be restricted to be numeric-only.
What happens if a student skips a question?
AlphaQuiz allows students to answer questions in any order they like.
They can skip any question and return to it later. At the end of the
Frequently Asked Questions


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