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Alphasmart AS 3000 User Manual

Alphasmart as 3000: user guide.
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User's Guide
Integrated classroom
quiz solution including
quiz design, delivery,
automated grading,
reporting, and analysis


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   Summary of Contents for Alphasmart AS 3000

  • Page 1

    User’s Guide Integrated classroom quiz solution including quiz design, delivery, automated grading, reporting, and analysis...

  • Page 2

    AlphaQuiz SmartApplet User’s Guide...

  • Page 3

    AlphaSmart Sales and Technical Support For AlphaSmart sales and technical support contact information, see page 123 or visit the AlphaSmart web site at (United States) (United Kingdom) (all other countries) Nothing in this manual may be reproduced in any manner, either wholly or in part, for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from AlphaSmart, Inc.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    AlphaQuiz terminology ... 4 Creating quizzes ... 6 Applying restrictions ... 6 Editing questions... 7 Reviewing questions on an AlphaSmart device preview... 7 Administering, grading, and managing quizzes ... 7 Sending quizzes to AlphaSmart devices ... 8 Administering quizzes ... 8 Printing and saving quizzes...

  • Page 5

    Spell-checking a quiz... 43 Rearranging questions ... 44 Dragging questions between quizzes ... 44 Deleting questions ... 45 Viewing the AlphaSmart devices display... 46 Exporting a quiz... 47 Printing a quiz ... 50 Creating a question library ... 52 Chapter 3 Administering Quizzes to Your Students ...

  • Page 6

    Communication menu... 79 Window menu (PC only)... 80 Help menu... 80 QuizManager control bar ... 82 Sending a quiz to connected AlphaSmart devices... 83 Deleting quizzes from connected AlphaSmart devices ... 86 Retrieving student responses ... 88 Deleting students’ responses ... 90 Turning on power to AlphaSmart devices...

  • Page 7

    Appendix D Contact Information ... 123 Index ... 125 AlphaQuiz User’s Guide...

  • Page 8: Overview Of Alphaquiz Smartapplet System

    In this guide, the term AlphaSmart device refers to both Important: AlphaSmart 3000s and Neos. It does not refer to the Dana line of products made by AlphaSmart. Because teachers and students use different components of the system, AlphaQuiz operates on both a desktop computer and on AlphaSmart devices.

  • Page 9: Alphaquiz Software

    USB cable). 3. Use QuizManager students to take. 4. Set a quiz access password (if desired). 5. Send the quiz to students’ AlphaSmart devices. Use this application on a computer to compose quizzes Students use this quiz-taking application on...

  • Page 10

    6. Students take the quiz using their AlphaSmart devices. 7. When finished, students connect AlphaSmart devices to an AlphaHub (or to your computer one at a time using a direct USB cable connection). 8. Use QuizManager on your computer to retrieve student responses.

  • Page 11: Alphaquiz Terminology

    Introducing AlphaQuiz AlphaQuiz terminology The test-creation, test-administration, and test-management functions of AlphaQuiz software, as well as the AlphaSmart devices and desktop computer applications all have their own names. Sorting out this terminology can help simplify the task of learning and using the system.

  • Page 12

    In QuizDesigner, a password used by the teacher or quiz administrator to control the deletion of quizzes from AlphaSmart devices, and access to the Teacher Options area of a quiz. A special access area within a quiz that allows a teacher to manipulate quizzes and responses on individual AlphaSmart devices.

  • Page 13: Creating Quizzes

    Applying restrictions As you create quizzes, you may want to put restrictions on how your students use their AlphaSmart devices during the quiz. QuizDesigner provides a number of ways to do this: •...

  • Page 14: Editing Questions

    As you compose a test, QuizDesigner allows you to see how your questions will look to your students as they view them on their AlphaSmart devices (see the example on page 46). This is useful for getting a sense of how questions flow and how your questions and possible answers will appear onscreen.

  • Page 15: Sending Quizzes To Alphasmart Devices

    Sending quizzes to AlphaSmart devices Because quizzes are composed and stored on your computer, you need to send a quiz to your students’ AlphaSmart devices before they can take it. This is a quick process using the AlphaHub, which allows you to connect up to thirty AlphaSmart devices at once to your computer.

  • Page 16: Retrieving Students' Responses

    Administering, grading, and managing quizzes Retrieving students’ responses When students finish a quiz, they again connect their AlphaSmart devices to the AlphaHub or direct USB cable. From there, you can retrieve their responses to your computer. Once a class has finished taking the test, you can administer it to other classes, revise it, or archive it for future use.

  • Page 17: Printing Reports

    AlphaQuiz requires the following components: • One of the following USB-capable computers: Macintosh running OS 9.0 or higher • PC running Windows 98 (Second Edition) or higher • • AlphaSmart Manager 2 software (for installing the AlphaQuiz SmartApplet on AlphaSmart devices) AlphaQuiz User’s Guide...

  • Page 18: Installing Alphaquiz

    • One to thirty AlphaSmart devices • An AlphaHub, if you are using AlphaSmart devices in a group setting. An AlphaHub is AlphaSmart’s multiport management device to which you can connect a Windows or Macintosh computer running AlphaSmart Manager, and up to thirty AlphaSmart devices.

  • Page 19

    Installing AlphaQuiz 5. Double-click the QuizManager Installer icon and follow the onscreen instructions. When the Installer finishes, it displays a message that says the installation was successful. 6. Click Quit, then if prompted, click Restart to restart your computer. To install AlphaQuiz applications (QuizManager and QuizDesigner) on a PC: 1.

  • Page 20: Chapter 2 Creating Quizzes

    AlphaQuiz allows you to write your own tests and quizzes using QuizDesigner software on your desktop or laptop computer. You can create, edit, and maintain quizzes, then download them to your students’ AlphaSmart devices. QuizDesigner offers four question types: •...

  • Page 21: Using The Menus And Toolbar

    Do one of the following: Macintosh: Locate and open the QuizDesigner folder on your • computer and double-click the QuizDesigner icon. PC: Choose Programs > AlphaSmart > QuizDesigner > • QuizDesigner. Using the menus and toolbar The menus and keyboard shortcuts in QuizDesigner (as well as the tool bar on the PC version of QuizDesigner) allow you to move quickly through creating and handling your quizzes.

  • Page 22

    File command New Quiz Open Quiz Close Save Save As Quiz Options Export Print Setup (PC) Page Setup (Mac) Print Print Preview (PC) Exit (PC) Quit (Mac) Creating Quizzes Using the menus and toolbar Keystroke What it does Ctrl-N (PC) Opens a new quiz document -N (Mac) Ctrl-O (PC)

  • Page 23: Edit Menu

    Using the menus and toolbar Edit menu Commands on the Edit menu allow you to perform standard editing tasks, such as cutting, copying, or pasting text. Edit command Undo Copy Paste Clear (Mac) Select All (Mac) Duplicate Question menu Commands on the Question menu allow you to choose question types, change the order of questions, and edit questions you’ve Edit menu Keystroke...

  • Page 24

    It also gives you the ability to see how your questions will look on your students’ AlphaSmart devices. Question command Add True/False Add Multiple Choice Add Short Answer Add Essay Edit Question Remove Question Shuffle Question Order Show AlphaSmart...

  • Page 25: Window Menu (pc Only)

    Using the menus and toolbar If you’ve shuffled the order of questions, you can restore Important: the previous order by choosing Edit > Undo. But you must do it right after shuffling or you will lose the original order. Window menu (PC only) Commands on the Window menu allow you to arrange windows on the screen and select open documents.

  • Page 26

    To get help while using QuizDesigner: Choose Help > QuizDesigner Help. Help menu (Mac) Help command About Balloon Help (Mac only) Show Balloons (Mac only) QuizDesigner Help About QuizDesigner (PC only) QuizDesigner Help displays a Help topic related to the current window in your default browser.

  • Page 27

    Using the menus and toolbar QuizDesigner toolbar (PC only) The QuizDesigner toolbar contains shortcut icons for accomplishing some of the same commands in the various menus. Toolbar icon QuizDesigner toolbar (PC only) What it does Opens a new quiz document Opens an existing quiz Saves current quiz Allows you to write a new true/false question...

  • Page 28: Creating A Quiz

    Creating a quiz The Quiz Questions window keeps track of questions as you create them. It numbers each question, shows the question type, and displays as much of the question text as possible. Question number Question type Question text The Quiz Capacity indicator bar at the bottom of the screen shows you how much space is left in the quiz.

  • Page 29

    Basic tab selected. 2. Type a name for the quiz in the Quiz Name field. This is the quiz title that appears on the AlphaSmart devices. (This field is required.) If you don‘t enter a name for the quiz, it appears in the Important: window’s title bar as “untitled.”...

  • Page 30: Composing Questions

    Note: controls access to AlphaQuiz administrative functions on each individual AlphaSmart device (see page 68). It can also be used to override a student-created password. This can be useful if a student must exit and re-enter a quiz, but forgets the password he or she has created;...

  • Page 31

    Composing questions There is no fixed maximum number of questions, though there are limits to the overall size of each quiz. Size limits are affected by the number of questions, the length of question text, the length of answer text, and the maximum length setting for essay question responses.

  • Page 32

    see these remarks during the quiz, but you can include them on the Corrected Quiz reports. Question text Question parameters, such as answers, text restrictions, and so on Question remarks There are four types of questions, as described in the following table. Question type True/false Multiple...

  • Page 33: Saving Your Quiz

    If you need to modify a quiz that has been downloaded to the AlphaSmart devices, be sure to use Save As to create a file with a new name. (QuizDesigner automatically prompts you to do this.) If you open a quiz document that you saved previously and make changes AlphaQuiz User’s Guide...

  • Page 34: Composing True/false Questions

    Unless you are sure that this quiz is not in use on one or more AlphaSmart devices, you should select Save As to create a new file containing your modified quiz document. Composing true/false questions...

  • Page 35

    Composing questions 3. Click OK. 4. Type the text of your question into the Question Text field at the top of the True/False Question window. 5. Select the correct answer in the Answer section. 6. Type any comments you want to make about the question in the Question Remarks field at the bottom of the window.

  • Page 36: Composing Multiple Choice Questions

    7. Click OK when you’re done. The question appears in the Quiz Questions window listing. 8. Repeat steps 1 through 7 to compose more true/false questions. Composing multiple choice questions Multiple choice questions can have between two and six answer choices, and one or more may be designated as correct answers.

  • Page 37

    Composing questions 5. In the Answers section, type in at least two answer choices. You can enter a maximum of six possible answer choices. If you enter fewer than six answer choices, leave the bottom choices blank (the student will not see these). 6.

  • Page 38: Composing Short Answer Questions

    Capacity indicator bar on the Quiz Questions window. Make sure you’re not composing too many questions for the capacity of the quiz (quizzes are limited to a size that will fit on the AlphaSmart devices.) If you exceed the capacity of a quiz, a warning message appears, giving you the chance to shorten the current question.

  • Page 39

    Composing questions 5. In the Answer section of the window, do one of the following: If you want QuizManagere to automatically check students’ • answers, type the correct answer in the blank field in the Answer section. Automatic grading of Short Answer questions requires an exact match between the student’s response and the correct answer for the response to be counted as correct.

  • Page 40: Composing Essay Questions

    6. Select any of the following options to limit student’s responses. The first two selections apply to automatic grading, while the third restricts allowable student input: Case Sensitive. Capitalization in the student’s answer must • match capitalization in the correct answer. Case Insensitive.

  • Page 41

    Composing questions 5. In the Maximum answer length field, enter the maximum allowable number of words you want your students to write for this question. 6. Type any comments about the question in the Question Remarks field at the bottom of the window. 7.

  • Page 42: Editing Questions

    Editing questions Once you’ve created and saved a quiz, you can edit it at any time. This is useful for adapting quizzes for different classes. To edit an existing quiz question: 1. In the Quiz Questions window, double-click the question you want to edit.

  • Page 43

    What it means Check this option to prevent students from using AlphaSmart devices for anything else until quiz is finished. Remove the check mark from this option to allow students to move between an unfinished quiz and other AlphaSmart device functions.

  • Page 44

    AlphaWord file Allow students to print their quiz answers from the AlphaSmart devices Creating Quizzes Selecting advanced quiz options What it means Check this option to require students type a quiz-specific password when entering a quiz.

  • Page 45: Controlling Student Password Requirements

    Selecting advanced quiz options To set advanced options: 1. Click the Advanced tab on the Quiz Options window. 2. Select or deselect the options you want to be in effect during the quiz (you can revise these selections any time during editing). 3.

  • Page 46: Protecting The Integrity Of A Quiz

    Protecting the integrity of a quiz During certain quizzes, you may want to prevent your students from using other programs on the AlphaSmart devices. For example: • You may want to disable all other SmartApplets until students complete a given quiz.

  • Page 47: Marking A Quiz As "finished

    Selecting advanced quiz options Marking a quiz as “finished” In order to provide the options described above, the AlphaQuiz SmartApplet must know when a quiz is in progress. This also provides a further tool to protect the test-taking procedure. If, when designing a quiz, you specify that the quiz must be marked “finished,”...

  • Page 48: Modifying Quiz Prompts

    Modifying quiz prompts AlphaQuiz lets you customize the prompts that appear for quiz questions. The default entries are explained in the following table. Question Default type prompt True/false T or F Multiple Select 1 choice Select all that apply Short Short answer Answer:...

  • Page 49

    2. Use the default entries (these can be restored by clicking the Defaults button) or customize. 3. Click OK when you’re done. You can view the prompt for a question to see how it will Tip! look on an AlphaSmart device by choosing Question > Show AlphaSmart View. AlphaQuiz User’s Guide...

  • Page 50: Spell-checking A Quiz

    Spell-checking a quiz QuizDesigner does not have a built-in capability to spell check quizzes. Because it is important to present students with correctly spelled questions, you can use a word processing program on your computer to check quiz spelling. To spell-check your quiz: 1.

  • Page 51: Rearranging Questions

    Rearranging questions Rearranging questions Once you’ve composed the questions in your quiz, it’s easy to rearrange their order. This can be helpful for achieving a smooth flow of questions and controlling test-taking time. To re-order questions in a specific sequence: 1.

  • Page 52: Deleting Questions

    To drag and drop questions into a different quiz: 1. Open two quizzes so that they appear side by side in QuizDesigner. On a PC, choose Window > Tile Quiz Windows to quickly line Tip! up two quizzes. (There is no equivalent command on a Macintosh.) 2.

  • Page 53: Viewing The Alphasmart Devices Display

    As you’re composing a quiz, it can be helpful to see how students will view questions on their AlphaSmart devices. This lets you preview the quiz to see if your questions flow well and scroll easily. Note: Students can change the font size on Neos. See “Changing font size”...

  • Page 54: Exporting A Quiz

    (PC) - (Mac) - (PC) ctrl 5. Click Done when you have finished viewing the AlphaSmart device preview. Exporting a quiz Sometimes you may want to transfer a quiz to your word processing program in order to use it outside of the AlphaQuiz system.

  • Page 55

    Exporting a quiz To export a quiz: 1. In QuizDesigner, open the quiz you want to export and be sure the Quiz Questions window is displayed. 2. Choose File > Export. The Quiz Export Options window appears. 3. Select the export options you want, as explained in the following table: Option Export quiz name...

  • Page 56

    Option Export blank for class number Question Correct answers Question remarks 4. Click OK when you’re done. 5. Enter a name for the exported quiz in the File Name field. 6. Click Save. Creating Quizzes Exporting a quiz What it does Check to create a blank line where the students can enter their class number Remove the check mark if you do not want...

  • Page 57: Printing A Quiz

    Printing a quiz Printing a quiz It is possible to administer on paper a quiz that you’ve developed in QuizDesigner. To print a quiz: 1. Open the quiz you want to print and be sure the Quiz Questions window is displayed. 2.

  • Page 58

    Option Print blank for student name Print blank for class number Question Correct answers Question remarks Check your selections and printout carefully! While you Important: will want to print out the questions and correct answers for proofreading purposes, you would not want to distribute these to your students.

  • Page 59: Creating A Question Library

    Creating a question library Creating a question library You can create a library to store large numbers of questions. Unlike an actual quiz, a library has no capacity limit, so it’s useful as a repository for questions encompassing a particular subject. For example, you could create a library of questions about all the continents, then when you create a quiz, use only those questions that have to do with a particular continent.

  • Page 60

    To create a question library: 1. In QuizDesigner, choose File > New. The Quiz Options window appears with the Basic tab selected. 2. Complete the fields in the Quiz Options window, then click OK. A quiz window appears. 3. Choose File > Save As. 4.

  • Page 61

    Creating a question library AlphaQuiz User’s Guide...

  • Page 62: Administering Quizzes To Your Students

    Once you’ve designed quizzes, your students can take them using their AlphaSmart devices. After you download a quiz into their AlphaSmart devices, they can take the test in the classroom, in the library, or on a field trip. The basic steps to administering a quiz are 1.

  • Page 63: Changing Font Size

    These steps do not apply to AlphaSmart 3000 devices. Note: There are four font settings from which to choose: •...

  • Page 64

    Through the Control Panel SmartApplet (see the Neo User’s Guide for more information about the Control Panel). • Through AlphaSmart Manager. Note, however, that AlphaSmart Manager can only reset the font size to the system font (four lines onscreen). To set the font size: 1.

  • Page 65

    Changing font size 2. Scroll to select the font size you want to use, then press enter If you changed the font size with the keyboard command, you’re returned to the workspace where you were working previously. If you used Control Panel, you’re returned to the list of settings. Press , then select AlphaQuiz, and log into a quiz to view the change applets in font size.

  • Page 66: Taking A Quiz

    This can help you design and compose effective quizzes, as well as help you guide your students through the quiz-taking process. Refer to the User’s Guide for the AlphaSmart device if you have questions about how to use the device itself. Selecting the correct quiz Once you have downloaded the quiz to your students’...

  • Page 67

    You need to download the quiz from your computer before they can take the test. See “Sending a quiz to connected AlphaSmart devices” on page 83 for more information. To take a quiz: 1. On the AlphaSmart devices, students press 2.

  • Page 68: Entering Passwords And Other Identifying Information

    Entering passwords and other identifying information Using passwords can help maintain the integrity of the test-taking process. You can use different levels of passwords, including quiz- specific and student-specific passwords. See “Controlling student password requirements” on page 38. Once students have started AlphaQuiz and entered into a quiz (as explained in “Taking a quiz”...

  • Page 69

    Taking a quiz 3. Students type their first and last names, using move between the fields. At least one letter in each field is required. The maximum number of letters is fifteen for first name and twenty for last name. 4.

  • Page 70: Quiz Navigation

    cause students’ work to be grouped incorrectly when QuizManager sorts and prints reports. Quiz navigation Once students have entered the required identifying information, they are reminded about how to use AlphaQuiz Help during the quiz. For Help while taking the quiz, press ctrl-H.

  • Page 71

    Taking a quiz shown in the following table describe how to move through questions and the quiz itself: Key(s) (up arrow) (down arrow) enter enter enter Jumping from one question to another Students don’t have to progress through the quiz sequentially; they can move through the questions in various ways.

  • Page 72

    To jump to another question: 1. Students press 2. Students enter the number of the question to which they want to jump. If students enter an incorrect question number, AlphaQuiz won’t continue until they correct the entry. Enter a question number and press Enter. Jump to question 1 - 20: To check for blank answers (unanswered questions): 1.

  • Page 73: Finishing A Quiz

    If you did not require that a quiz be marked as finished • (page 40), nothing further is required and students can return to other AlphaSmart device functions. If you required that a quiz be marked finished and chose to •...

  • Page 74

    IR-capable printer. Details on printing from an AlphaSmart device, including how to set up a printer on the device, can be found in the User’s Guide for the particular AlphaSmart device you have.

  • Page 75: Special Situations During Test-taking

    Special situations during test-taking While you’ll use your computer to download and manage quizzes and retrieve student responses, there may be times when you’ll need to perform certain housekeeping tasks on AlphaSmart devices directly. These situations include • Checking a student’s password so that she or he can finish a quiz...

  • Page 76: Accessing Teacher Options

    You can use teacher options within the AlphaQuiz SmartApplet to handle these situations. Accessing teacher options To allow teachers direct access to AlphaQuiz administrative functions on each AlphaSmart device, a Teacher Options area is included in the AlphaQuiz SmartApplet. To access teacher options: 1. On the AlphaSmart device, press 2.

  • Page 77

    7. Type in the administrative password you assigned. If you did not define an administrative password, enter the AlphaSmart devices master password. Enter the quiz admin password: Refer to the AlphaSmart Manager 2 User’s Guide for Important: information about the master password. (Press esc key to exit)

  • Page 78

    8. From the student response list that appears (students who have started the quiz), you can go on to the tasks explained in the rest of the chapter. Student Response List: - Namira Ariman - Diego Davalos - Matt Eliando ---------------------------------------- - Stella Guffin Checking quiz status...

  • Page 79

    This releases the quiz for other classes and makes the AlphaSmart device usable instead of being locked in that particular quiz.

  • Page 80

    quiz: L denotes blocking all SmartApplets; C, blocking access to Calculator SmartApplet; and S, blocking access to spell checks. Select a quiz: - Math Chapter 1 - History Chapter 5 - Weather Quiz 1 To clear the blocks, either the students have to finish the quiz or the teacher has to delete the student response list.

  • Page 81

    Special situations during test-taking To view the quiz access password: From the student response list, press . The access password (if it exists) appears. AlphaQuiz User’s Guide...

  • Page 82: Grading Quizzes And Printing Reports

    • Upload completed quiz responses from your students’ AlphaSmart devices • Control which quizzes are loaded onto AlphaSmart devices • Power up and shut down all connected AlphaSmart devices • Grade quizzes • Assign points to questions • Generate and print reports •...

  • Page 83: Using The Menus And Control Bar

    Do one of the following: Macintosh: Locate and open the QuizManager folder on your • computer and double-click the QuizManager icon. PC: Choose Programs > AlphaSmart > QuizManager > • QuizManager. Using the menus and control bar The menus and control bar in QuizManager allow you to move quickly through quiz management tasks.

  • Page 84

    File command Open Close Save Save As Page Setup (Mac only) Print (Mac only) Quit (Mac) Exit (PC) Grading Quizzes and Printing Reports Using the menus and control bar Keystroke What it does Ctrl-O (PC) Opens a saved set of student responses to a quiz -O (Mac) none (PC)

  • Page 85: Edit Menu (macintosh Only)

    Using the menus and control bar Edit menu (Macintosh only) Commands on the Edit menu let you perform standard editing tasks, such as copying, pasting, and selecting text, as well as move between students’ responses. Edit command Undo (PC) Undo typing (Mac) Copy Paste...

  • Page 86: Communication Menu

    Commands on the Communication menu allow you to send quizzes to and retrieve quiz responses from your students’ AlphaSmart devices, as well as turn power on and off for all connected AlphaSmart devices. These menu options are identical to the buttons on the QuizManager control bar. Communication...

  • Page 87: Window Menu (pc Only)

    Commands on the Help menu offer context-sensitive assistance while you’re grading quizzes or compiling reports. Keystroke What it does none Turns power on to all AlphaSmart devices connected to an AlphaHub or by direct USB cable to your computer none Shuts down all AlphaSmart devices...

  • Page 88

    To get help while using QuizManager: Choose Help > QuizManager Help. Help command About Balloon Help (Mac only) Show Balloons (Mac only) QuizManager Help About QuizManager (PC only) QuizManager Help uses a browser to display topics related to the function you’re trying to accomplish. You can select other topics from the topic list in each selection.

  • Page 89: Quizmanager Control Bar

    QuizManager—it contains the same commands as the Communications menu. A status message across the top of the control bar lets you know how many (if any) AlphaSmart devices are currently connected to an AlphaHub or to your computer by direct USB.

  • Page 90: Sending A Quiz To Connected Alphasmart Devices

    You use the control bar in QuizManager to send quizzes to AlphaSmart devices. Grading Quizzes and Printing Reports Sending a quiz to connected AlphaSmart devices What it does Sends a quiz to connected AlphaSmart devices Removes questions and responses for a...

  • Page 91

    Sending a quiz to connected AlphaSmart To send a quiz to a single or multiple AlphaSmart devices: 1. Make sure the AlphaSmart devices are connected to your desktop computer through an AlphaHub or by a direct USB cable. If a connected device’s indicator light is black, disconnect Tip! the device and turn it on.

  • Page 92

    5. When you are satisfied with the password, click Send. A message appears, telling you that the quiz is downloading. When the download finishes, you’ll see a message saying that the quiz was sent successfully. Grading Quizzes and Printing Reports Sending a quiz to connected AlphaSmart devices...

  • Page 93: Deleting Quizzes From Connected Alphasmart Devices

    Be sure you have retrieved student responses for a quiz Warning! before deleting that quiz from AlphaSmart devices. If you simply delete the quiz without having done so, the quiz and its associated student responses will be deleted from the AlphaSmart devices. Use the Retrieve Responses button on the QuizManager control bar to upload student responses to your computer.

  • Page 94

    AlphaSmart devices. Because QuizManager displays the names of all of the quizzes loaded on all of the AlphaSmart devices, the list could be fairly long. 4. Enter the administrative password for a quiz if an empty text box appears next to its name.

  • Page 95: Retrieving Student Responses

    Retrieving student responses QuizManager lets you easily upload students’ quiz responses from AlphaSmart devices to your computer so you can grade them and print quiz reports. If need be, you can retrieve quiz responses multiple times for the same quiz, which might be useful if some students did not complete the quiz before the end of class.

  • Page 96

    AlphaSmart devices.) The Retrieve Responses window appears. Check to indicate which student responses you want to retrieve An R indicates a student’s responses have already been retrieved 4. Select the students whose responses you want to retrieve by clicking the checkboxes next to their names.

  • Page 97: Deleting Students' Responses

    Once you have retrieved and saved your students’ responses, you can use QuizManager to clear quiz responses from AlphaSmart devices. The quiz itself remains on the AlphaSmart devices until you specifically delete it. That way, you can administer the quiz to another set of students.

  • Page 98: Turning On Power To Alphasmart Devices

    Turning on power to AlphaSmart devices If the connected AlphaSmart devices have been powered off by either quitting QuizManager or by clicking the Power Off button in the control bar, you can turn power back on to all of them at once.

  • Page 99: Turning Off Power To Alphasmart Devices

    Turning off power to AlphaSmart devices To turn on AlphaSmart devices: Click Power On AlphaSmart on the QuizManager control bar or choose Communication > Power On AlphaSmarts. The Power On button becomes dim (deactivated) and the Power Off button becomes active. This indicates that the AlphaSmart devices are on.

  • Page 100

    You must retrieve student responses to your desktop Note: computer before assigning points. You can only assign points if you are working on a student response document. To assign points: 1. Make sure you have retrieved responses (page 88) and are viewing the student response document to which you want to assign points.

  • Page 101: Grading Quizzes

    Grading quizzes QuizManager calculates and displays these percentages automatically as you change question point values. Question number Question type Question text 3. Click in a question’s field to change its points, or use the Tab key to move from field to field. 4.

  • Page 102

    QuizManager will already be scored. You can, however, manually override automatic scoring. To grade a quiz: 1. Make sure you have retrieved responses (page 88) and are viewing the student response document you want to grade. Alternatively, choose File > Open to open a response document you’ve previously saved.

  • Page 103

    Grading quizzes 2. Click the class whose quiz you want to grade. If you’re not using class numbers, simply select the names of the students whose quizzes you want to grade. If you want to work through the entire list sequentially, deselect any class or student by clicking below the last name in the list.

  • Page 104: Printing Reports

    questions, display only those questions not automatically graded, or display only those questions not yet graded. 5. Click the name of the student whose quiz you want to grade. 6. Enter points or comments for each question, using the Tab key or scroll bar to move between fields.

  • Page 105: Printing A Grading Sheet

    Printing reports • Quiz Summary Report: lists student names and grades (for teachers only) • Statistical Report: provides class averages, medians, and score distributions, along with frequency of missed questions Reports typically contain identifying information at the top, such as the student’s name, class number, the date the quiz was taken, and the score.

  • Page 106

    Printing reports To print a grading sheet: 1. Make sure you’re in the Student Response window for the quiz for which you want a grading sheet. 2. Click Reports. The Reports window appears. Grading Quizzes and Printing Reports...

  • Page 107

    Printing reports 3. Select Grading Sheet from the Report Types list on the left. 4. Select the options you want for the grading sheet from the choices on the right. AlphaQuiz User’s Guide...

  • Page 108

    5. Click Create Report. The grading sheet appears, displaying information student by student. 6. Use the scroll bar to move down through the student names and questions. 7. Click Print to print the grading sheet. QuizManager automatically prints each student’s responses on a new page. 8.

  • Page 109: Printing A Corrected Quiz Report

    Printing reports Printing a corrected quiz report A corrected quiz report gives you graded reports of student quizzes to distribute to your class. Each student’s report prints on a separate page. You have several options as to what information to include on the corrected quiz: full text of all questions and possible answers, entire student responses correct answer for each question, and...

  • Page 110

    Printing reports 3. Select Corrected Quiz from the Report Types list on the left. 4. Select the options you want for the corrected quiz from the choices on the right. Grading Quizzes and Printing Reports...

  • Page 111: Printing A Quiz Summary Report

    Printing reports 5. Click Create Report. The corrected quiz report appears, displaying one of your student’s responses. Use this dropdown list to select other students 6. Click Print to print a corrected quiz report for this student. 7. Click Save if you want to save this student’s corrected quiz information to a text file.

  • Page 112

    are generally for teacher use only and can include student names and test scores. To print a quiz summary report: 1. Make sure you’re in the Student Response window for the quiz summary you want to print. 2. Click Reports. The Reports window appears. 3.

  • Page 113: Printing A Statistical Report

    Printing reports 8. Click Save if you want to save the quiz summary to a text file. 9. Click Done when you’re finished. Printing a statistical report QuizManager gives you the option of creating statistical reports containing data from selected students and classes. You have several options as to what information to include in a statistical report: average scores, median scores, high and low scores, score distribution, or a summary of questions students answered...

  • Page 114: Exporting Student Quiz Scores

    Exporting student quiz scores 5. Click Create Report. The statistical report appears, displaying the data for that quiz. 6. Click Print to print the statistical report. 7. Click Save if you want to save the statistical report to a text file. 8.

  • Page 115

    Exporting student quiz scores To export quiz scores: 1. In your grade book application, export a student roster and save the roster as a text file if you want QuizManager to try and match names between quiz scores and your application’s student roster. 2.

  • Page 116

    3. Click Export. The Export Scores window appears, listing the quiz name and the number of students with scores for that quiz. 4. Click Browse to select a roster file, if you exported a roster from your grade book application. 5.

  • Page 117

    Exporting student quiz scores of names from the roster (with a mark next to names already used). Select the name from the roster list to use for the export and click OK. Alternatively, you can click Skip to bypass exporting that student’s score, click Skip All to bypass exporting all conflicting student names and scores, or click Cancel to stop the export process.

  • Page 118: Frequently Asked Questions

    Appendix A Frequently Asked Questions How many students can take a quiz on one AlphaSmart device? AlphaQuiz SmartApplet can hold responses for up to eight students for all quizzes combined. The eight response sets can be distributed among the loaded quizzes in any way. For instance, if two quizzes are...

  • Page 119

    Advanced tab in Quiz Options: • “Require students to mark quiz as finished” is selected • “Enable AlphaSmart Spell Checker when taking the quiz” is deselected • “Enable other AlphaSmart SmartApplets when taking the quiz” is deselected (because Spell Check is available to other SmartApplets such as AlphaWord) AlphaQuiz User’s Guide...

  • Page 120

    Have the student log in using a variation of her name (Betty Smith-2, for example). Otherwise, if the student’s first set of responses is still on the AlphaSmart device and she logs in with the same name, AlphaQuiz will open the first set of responses again.

  • Page 121

    How does a student continue with the quiz? All entered responses are saved when the AlphaSmart device is turned off. When turned back on, the AlphaSmart device starts up in its default SmartApplet, usually AlphaWord. The student would just press , select AlphaQuiz, and then log into the quiz again.

  • Page 122

    “mark quiz as finished” and “Block access to all other SmartApplets during quiz” was selected for the quiz. In this case, the AlphaSmart device starts up with the message “The other applets including AlphaWord cannot be used because a quiz has not been marked as finished.

  • Page 123

    AlphaQuiz User’s Guide...

  • Page 124: Appendix B Troubleshooting

    The QuizManager control bar shows a yellow indicator. A yellow indicator means that the an AlphaSmart device connected to the AlphaHub or by USB cable to the computer does not have the AlphaQuiz SmartApplet installed. Send any files that you want to save from the AlphaSmart device to your computer, and use AlphaSmart Manager to install AlphaQuiz on that AlphaSmart device.

  • Page 125

    If there are any responses for other quizzes stored on the AlphaSmart devices, use QuizManager to retrieve them. Then, print any response sets for the “lost” quiz on each AlphaSmart device, or save each one as an AlphaWord file and transfer it to your computer for archival (see page 67 for information on printing and saving to an AlphaWord file).

  • Page 126: Appendix C Glossary

    An option that can be selected during quiz creation that Finished: requires students to mark a quiz as finished. If selected, it prevents students from using their AlphaSmart devices for anything else until the quiz is finished. Glossary...

  • Page 127

    Library: document (.qzl files). A library is not limited to a size that can be sent to an AlphaSmart device, and can serve as a repository of questions from which quizzes can be assembled. The process of scoring questions that cannot be Manual grading: auto-graded by QuizManager;...

  • Page 128

    To transfer student responses from their Retrieve responses: AlphaSmart devices into a new or existing saved responses document in QuizManager. To download a quiz from the teacher’s computer to Send quiz: students’ AlphaSmart devices. A personal word or phrase that each student may Student password: optionally be required to enter to begin taking a quiz.

  • Page 129

    AlphaQuiz User’s Guide...

  • Page 130: Contact Information

    The AlphaSmart web site is a good source of information about products, sales, support, community forums, and latest news. Visit the AlphaSmart web site at (United States) (United Kingdom) (all other countries) If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on the web site, use the contact information listed in this appendix.

  • Page 131

    United Kingdom Technical questions or problems: Latest support information: Purchase AlphaSmart products: Europe, Middle East, and Africa Technical questions or problems: Latest support information: Purchase AlphaSmart products: Asia/Pacific, Canada, Latin America Technical questions or problems: Latest support information: Purchase AlphaSmart products: Phone: 0870 120 0718 Email:

  • Page 132

    72 deleting student responses 73 AlphaHub 4, 8 AlphaQuiz system 2 terminology 4 workflow 2 AlphaSmart devices deleting quizzes 86 display in QuizDesigner 46 indicators 82 powering on/of 91 sending quizzes 83 answers, finding unanswered 65 applying restrictions 6...

  • Page 133

    111 Glossary 119 grading a quiz 94 grading automatically 94 grading sheet 98 indicator bar 24 indicators for AlphaSmart devices 82 installing AlphaQuiz SmartApplet 11 AlphaQuiz software 11 jumping to questions 64 large font 56 library of questions 52...

  • Page 134

    102 printing a quiz summary report 104 printing a statistical report 106 reports, printing 10 retrieving student responses 88 reviewing questions on an AlphaSmart device 7 saving quiz 26 quiz to AlphaWord file 67 scores, exporting 10...

  • Page 135

    25, 27 types of questions 25 unanswered questions 65 variable font size 56 very large font 56 viewing AlphaSmart display 17, 46 quiz access password 74 student passwords 72 student responses 71 working with files 56 AlphaQuiz User’s Guide...

  • Page 136

    Renaissance Learning, Inc. 061222...

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