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Craftsman 13918 Owner's Manual page 2

Clicker style digi-click torquewrench


At times, it is impossible or impractical to use regular
sockets, (a good example being the tightening of threaded
tubing connectors) and a special attachment must be
utilized. Such attachments change the calibration of the
torque wrench, and it is necessary to calculate the correct
settings using the following formulas.
NOTE: Regular socket extensions which extend directly under
the drive head along the axis of rotation of the ratchet do not
affect the calibration of the torque wrench.
E – Effective Length of extension measured along the center
line of the torque wrench
L – Lever length of the wrench – center of grip to center of
1. The CRAFTSMAN DIGI-CLICK™Torque Wrench is a
precision instrument and should be handled and stored
with care. It should never be used as a hammer or pry
2. DO NOT apply more torque than the rated capacity of the
torque wrench. DO NOT use it as a nut-breaker!!
3. When the wrench is not in use, keep it set below 25% of
capacity. If you leave the wrench set to over 50% of the
wrench capacity for more than a few hours, set the
wrench to the lowest setting and leave it for a few
minutes before using it again.
4. The wrench is lubricated for life with a special lubricant.
Do not oil it in any manner. The ratchet head may be
lubricated as needed for smooth operation.
5. This wrench uses three (3) 1.5v (LR44 or equivalent)
6. To install and replace batteries as necessary, remove the
battery cover by removing the screw on the battery
cover, located to the left of the LCD. Place the new
batteries with all three facing the same direction, the
positive (flat) side facing the user. Replace the battery
cover by tightening the screw for the battery holder.
7. Remove batteries when wrench is stored for extended
8. When not in use, store the torque wrench in its
protective case.
9. The rubberized grip is not affected by petroleum
products, but it will be damaged by Acetone and certain
industrial solvents. It may be cleaned with a clean cloth
wetted in mineral spirits or denatured alcohol. Never
immerse the wrench or any portion of it in any liquid.
Clean by wiping with a dry cloth.
10. Periodically, the wrench should be checked for accuracy.
This should be done if the wrench is used frequently or is
subjected to abnormal handling or storage. In assembly
line type of usage, the wrench should be checked every
5,000 torque applications. Calibration service is available
by returning it to your Sears store.
11. With the exception of the ratchet mechanism, the
wrench is not user serviceable. Return it to the nearest
Sears store for service.
12. The ratchet head may be repaired by ordering repair kits
#44525 for 3/8" drive and #43445 for ½" drive models
from Sears, Dept. 98, Source 449.3
40°F - 110°F (5°C - 42°C)
Temperature Range
Model No.
3/8" Ratchet
Calibrated Capacity†
5-80 ft-lbs
60 – 960 in-lbs
6.78 – 108.48 N-m
69.1 – 1105.6 kg-cm
Increments& Display
0.25 ft-lbs
3.0 in-lbs
0.25 N-m
3.0 kg-cm
19.3" x 1.6" x 2.2"
Weight, lb/oz (gm)
1/11 (767)
Lever Length*
† LCD will display settings above and below the calibrated
range, for adjusting purposes only.
*Center of drive to center of handle
ACCURACY: ±4%on clockwise or right-hand readings greater
or equal to 20% of capacity. Complies with American
National Standard B107.14M and International Standard ISO
NOTE: The wrench will not actuate or 'click' when used in
the counter-clockwise or left-hand direction
If this electronic Craftsman DIGI-CLICK™ torque wrench fails
due to a defect in material or workmanship within 90 days
from the date of purchase, return it to any Sears store or
other Craftsman outlet for free repair (or replacement if
repair proves impossible).
If this electronic Craftsman DIGI-CLICK™ torque wrench
needs re-calibration within 90 days from the date of
purchase, return it to any Sears Parts & Repair Service
Center, Sears store, or other Craftsman outlet for free re-
This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also
have other rights which vary from state to state.
P/N: 10345A
1/2" Ratchet
25-250 ft-lbs
300 – 3000 in-lbs
33.9 – 339 N-m
345.5 – 3455 kg-cm
6.0 in-lbs
0.5 N-m
6.0 kg-cm
23.3" x 1.6" x 2.4"
2/7 (1110)



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