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I Door Reversal; Door Reversal Instructions - Zanussi TC 481 W Instruction Booklet

Zanussi instructrion manual compact dryer tc 481 w
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Door Reversal Instructions

The appliance is supplied with the door opening from
right to left. If you wish to change the opening
direction, proceed as follows (see picture A):
1. Unhook door stopper «A» from its seat «a» and
loosen from hole «b» by a 90° rotation.
2. Remove the plastic plug from hole «c» by a 90°
rotation and re-fix in hole «b».
3. Unscrew hinge «B» (loosen the 2 screws, holding
the door securely) and lower the door from the
top pivot.
4. Re-insert pin «F» from the door above and below
on opposite sides respectively.
5. Loosen door catch «C» by pressing both lugs
together (see small illustration).
6. Loosen opposite plastic part «D» as in step 5
(you may need to use a screwdriver to assist in
both steps 5 and 6 ).
7. Interchange and insert parts «C» and «D».
8. Remove screws «E» and refit on the opposite
side. Fix hinge «B» on the right handside.
Do not fully tighten the screws.
9. To mount door, see picture B:
First locate into upper right hand hole with upper
pin «F».
Then place lower pin into the hinge «B» at the
bottom of the door.
Align door before tightening hinge.
Tighten hinge.
10. Remove the plug from hole «d» and refix in
hole«a» (Fig. A).
11. Fix door stopper «A» in hole «c» by 90° rotation.
12. Hook door stopper «A» into hole «d».

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