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Your New Tumble Dryer; Description Of The Appliance - Zanussi TC 481 W Instruction Booklet

Zanussi instructrion manual compact dryer tc 481 w
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Your New Tumble Dryer

This tumble dryer will give your wash that soft, relaxed feel whatever
the weather.
Extremely high quality standards both during development and
manufacturing guarantee a long service life for your appliance.
Maximum economy in the operation of your dryer is achieved through
very frugal electricity consumption and short drying times.
Energy saving tips
To save energy we recommend that you follow these
Try to load the maximum capacity of the machine
as small loads are uneconomical.
Always load well spun laundry. The higher the
spin speed, the lower the electricity consumption
and the shorter the drying times.
Do not over-dry laundry, this avoids creasing and
saves energy.
Clean the filter regularly to avoid excessive
drying times and high electricity consumption.
Ventilate the room well. The room temperature
should not exceed +35°C during drying.

Description of the Appliance

1 Worktop
2 Reservoir Full Indicator Light
3 Door Open Button
4 Mains-On Light
5 Time Selector Dial-ON/OFF switch
6 Programme Chart
7 Fluff Filter
8 Door Catch
9 Rating Plate
10 Ventilation Grille
11 Water Reservoir
12 Condenser Unit
13 Adjustable Feet
In the interest
of the environment
Materials marked with the symbol
Check with your local Council or Environmental
Health Office to see if there are facilities in your
area for re-cycling this appliance.
When the appliance is to be scrapped, cut off the
power supply cable and make the door closing
device unusable to prevent young children from
being trapped inside.
Help to keep your country tidy - use authorised
disposal sites for your old appliance.
How do we help to protect the
environment? We use recycled paper!

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