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Maintenance And Cleaning; I External Cleaning; I Cleaning Fluff Filter; I Cleaning The Condenser Unit - Zanussi TC 481 W Instruction Booklet

Zanussi instructrion manual compact dryer tc 481 w
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Maintenance and Cleaning

You must disconnect the appliance from the
electricity supply, before you can carry out any
cleaning or maintenance work.
External cleaning
Use only soap and water and then dry thoroughly.
From time to time, apply a little wax furniture cream
with a soft cloth.
Important: do not use methylated spirit, diluents or
similar products.
Cleaning the filter
The tumble dryer cannot operate efficiently with a
clogged filter. The filter collects all the fluff which
forms during drying and it is therefore essential to
remove and clean this filter after each drying
You should not be alarmed by the amount of fluff
which collects on the filter; this is due to normal
wearing of the fabrics dried and not to incorrect
operation of your machine. Rubbing of the fibres
during normal wear and washing forms fluff. If
laundry is dried on a line, this fluff simply flies away,
whereas inside the tumble dryer it collects together
and swells considerably as a result of the drying
Cleaning the condenser unit
Clean the air condenser periodically, 3 or 4 times a
year depending on how frequently the dryer is used.
Pull out the condenser, holding it at the top, and
remove all fluff. Clean it with a brush and rinse it
under the shower if necessary.
Also clean the outside, removing all fluff.
Clean the rubber seal round the porthole door and the
seal of the condenser in the inner door with a damp
Emptying the water reservoir
Water extracted from the laundry condenses inside
the machine and is collected in a reservoir.
The reservoir must be emptied after each drying
cycle to ensure efficient operation when the machine
is next used.
If this is not done a safety device trips: pilot light
on the control panel comes on and the programme
stops, leaving the laundry damp.
The reservoir can be emptied even in the middle of a
The reservoir must be re-inserted correctly.
Handy tip: The condensed water may be used in a
steam iron or to top up a battery, etc. In this case it
must be filtered (e.g. through a coffee filter).

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