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4-channel controller
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HA40 4-Channel Controller
1.1 Data Display Screens
The HA40 Controller offers three modes for displaying monitored data,
shown in Figure 1-4.
Figure 1-4. Data Display Screens

1.2.1 Engineering Unit Screen

The Engineering Unit screen shown in Figure 1-4 allows each channel's
value and its 10-digit Eunits tag to be viewed simultaneously. A1, A2,
A3, FL icons at lower right of each reading flash if ALARM 1, 2, 3 or
FAULT alarms activate for this channel.

1.2.2 Bar Graph Screen

Values are displayed graphically as bar graphs with alarm levels
indicated by vertical dashed lines across each bar. The bar graph
screen is very useful for emphasizing current reading relative to the
channel's alarm set-point. Live readings and their Eunits tag appear
above each bar graph.

1.2.3 Trend Screen

The HA40 also provides 30-minute trend screens for each channel as
shown in Figure 1-4. Live readings and their Eunits tag are displayed
across the top of each trend screen. Channel numbers are shown in
the upper right and are selected by the Next key. A1. A2 and A3 alarm
levels appear as horizontal dashed lines across the screen.
HA40 Technical Manual
1.3 Specifications

1.3.1 Power Supply Requirements

The HA40 is equipped with an integral 15 watt (or 50 watt, depending
on the configuration) universal AC input / 24 VDC output switching
power supply. Standard HA40 AC power requirements are 100-240
VAC 50/60 Hz @ .45 amp max (including inrush) and 20 watts steady
state, applied to TB5 on the motherboard. If AC power is not available,
the HA40 may also be powered with 24 VDC applied to TB1 on the
motherboard. A primary DC source or back-up DC source capability
should be determined by the total system power budget calculation
with guard-band included. A back-up DC power source may also be
connected to TB1 for automatic switchover if the AC power source
fails. See
Figures 3-1 & 3-2
A back-up or external DC power source DOES NOT source aux power
output (TB3 - see
for wiring information.



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