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Honeywell TrueZONE HZ311, HZ322, HZ432 Manual

Zoning system design manual
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Zoning System Design Manual
Zoning Made Effortless



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  • Page 1 Zoning System Design Manual Zoning Made Effortless 70-2321-03...
  • Page 2: The Concept Of Zoning

    The zone panel cycles off the equipment when DATS limits are exceeded. The equipment is turned back on automatically. Fig. 1 depicts typical home temperatures compared to those of a home with Honeywell zoning. TYPICAL HOME IDEAL HOME - WITH HONEYWELL ZONING...
  • Page 3 Zoning System Design Manual IntroductIon Fig. 2 depicts a typical residential layout with three zones. Zoning provides two key benefits: • Customer Comfort: heating and cooling where you want it, when you want it. • Energy Savings: heat and cool only zones that are occupied. In the following pages you will learn how to apply the principles of forced air zoning in new and existing projects, creating a more comfortable indoor environment.
  • Page 4: Plan The Zones

    Zoning System Design Manual Plan the Zones In planning a zone system, here's what you need: Panel Thermostats • To Operate Dampers and • Programmable or Equipment Non Programmable • Transformer to power panel Bypass and Discharge Air Dampers Temperature Sensor: •...
  • Page 5 Zoning System Design Manual ducts and damPers Size the Ductwork In New Construction: ductwork is sized as usual for the size of the home; trunks are sized for the amount of air going to the zone. Ductwork should be designed normally, typically .10 or .08 in. w.c./100 ft. Proper duct design of a zoned system will: •...
  • Page 6: Bypass Dampers And Dats

    Zoning System Design Manual ByPass damPers and dats Size the Bypass Damper Install between supply and return. All zoning systems should be installed with a supply-to-return bypass damper. A Static Pressure Regulating Damper (SPRD) is used to bypass excess airflow from the supply duct into the return duct. Table 1.
  • Page 7 Zoning System Design Manual ByPass damPers and dats Alternative Bypass Methods If there is no space for bypass ductwork, the zone dampers can be set to allow some air to leak. By setting the larger zone dampers to a minimum position, excess air pressure can be relieved even when only one zone is call- ing.
  • Page 8: Zone Panel

    Zoning System Design Manual Zone Panel Install the Panel Mount on return, stud, wall, or roof truss. Zone Panels should not be exposed to weather or installed in a location where they might get wet. Like a damper, they must be accessible for service, if required. Select a conventional zone control panel or communicating zone panel using Table 2 and 3.
  • Page 9: Transformer

    (SPC) for bypass. HVAC 24 VOLT TRANS. W1/E If using a Honeywell TrueZONE panel, the panel's FAN RELAY DS/BK terminal is intended for use with a vari- able-speed fan. When one zone is calling (or less...
  • Page 10: Retrofit Applications

    A retrofit damper slides into rigid round pipe for quick installation. Honeywell offers dampers for rigid round duct in 5-, 6-, 7-, and 8-in. diameters. Multiple RRD dampers may be wired in parallel. M28119 Fig.
  • Page 11: Commercial Zoning

    Zone dampers must be able to handle the higher airflow and static pressure of a larger HVAC system. Use a MARD or RRD for round ducts; for rectangular ducts, use a commercial rectangular damper such as a Honeywell D2 or D3 with the same motor and bracket listed above.
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