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2�4Ha40SystemSecurityMenu - Honeywell HA40 Technical Manual

4-channel controller
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HA40 4-Channel Controller
2.4 HA40 System Security Menu
A 4-digit Pass Code entered and confirmed in this menu item locks all
menus. Viewing of menus is not denied but attempts to edit variables
result in the "Locked" message on the LCD.
Authorized individuals locking the system should first enter a name,
phone #, or other contact information into the 12 character field on
the top line of the Security screen. To lock or unlock the system the
correct 4 digit authorization number must be entered into the Pass
Code field. It is very important to remember the 4 digit code since the
factory must be consulted if it is lost.
Figure 2-13. System Security Menu
HA40 Technical Manual



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