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Troubleshooting - KitchenAid KXA42 Manual

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If your Coffee Maker should fail to
operate as expected, please check
the following:
1� If the display is not illuminated:
• Check to see whether the Coffee
Maker is plugged into a grounded
outlet� If it is, check the fuse or circuit
breaker on the electrical circuit the
Coffee Maker is connected to and
make sure the circuit is closed�
2� If only a portion of the water added to
the Coffee Maker actually brews:
• The Coffee Maker requires immediate
descaling� Please refer to the "Care
and cleaning" section�
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Specifications subject to change without notice�
3� If you hear three rapid tones:
• There is no water in the water tank�
The Coffee Maker will not brew� Fill
the water tank with fresh, cool water
and continue with the brewing cycle
as described in the "Brewing coffee"
4� If "Er1" flashes on the display and you
hear one tone:
• A button may be jammed� Unplug
the Coffee Maker and press each
button several times� Plug the Coffee
Maker into a grounded outlet� If "Er1"
appears again on the display, repeat
this procedure�
5� If coffee overflows the filter basket:
• The brew basket is not completely
closed� Close the brew basket and
ensure it clicks firmly into place�
• Too much coffee was placed into the
filter basket�
6� If water exits from the back of the
Coffee Maker:
• Too much water was poured into the
water tank�
Do not return the Coffee Maker to the
retailer as they do not provide service�
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Table of Contents