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Bose 3-2-1 Owner's Manual

Bose home theater system - home entertainment system user manual.
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and 3•2•1 GS Home
Entertainment Systems
Owner's Guide
August 18, 2003
AM271966_00_V.pdf August 18, 2003


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Bose 3•2•1 ® and 3•2•1 GS Home Entertainment Systems Owner’s Guide August 18, 2003 AM271966_00_V.pdf AM271966_00_V.pdf August 18, 2003...
  • Page 2: Safety Information

    Please take the time to follow this owner’s guide carefully. It will help you set up and operate your system properly, and enjoy all of its advanced features. Save your owner’s guide for future reference. ©2003 Bose Corporation. No part of this work may be reproduced, modified, distributed or otherwise used without prior written permission ®...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Where to find... Safety Information ..............2 Contents .
  • Page 4 Contents DVD-specific behavior ............34 DVD play options .
  • Page 5: Before You Begin

    Before you begin Thank you for purchasing the Bose offers superb sound, elegance, and simplicity in an advanced home audio setup. Using Bose proprietary signal processing technology, the 3•2•1 systems provide improved spaciousness from stereo recordings, and bold movie effects from surround-encoded materials. Yet its few parts require little effort to set up, so you can enjoy your new system’s performance right...
  • Page 6: Glossary Of Terms

    Introduction Glossary of terms D – The trademarked logo for Dolby ® Digital, a perceptual coding system for audio, devel- oped by Dolby Laboratories. Dolby Digital is the most common means of encoding audio for DVD-Video. Aspect Ratio – The shape of the rectangular picture in a TV set. It is the width of the picture relative to the height.
  • Page 7: For Your Records

    For your records Serial numbers are located on the bottom of the media center and the rear of the Acoustimass ® module. Please have your serial number ready before contacting Bose ® customer service. Media center serial number: _________________________________________________________ Acoustimass module serial number: __________________________________________________...
  • Page 8: Unpacking

    Carefully unpack your system. Save all packing materials, which provide the safest way to transport your system. Check to be sure your system includes the parts shown in Figure 1. If any part of the system appears damaged, do not attempt to use it. Notify Bose or your authorized Bose sheet included in the carton.
  • Page 9: Selecting Locations For Your 3•2•1 Home Entertainment System Components

    Selecting locations for your 3•2•1 home entertainment system components Use the following guidelines to choose locations and positions for the components of your 3•2•1 home entertainment system. Keep in mind that all of the system components will be connected to the media center. The Acoustimass will connect to a power outlet.
  • Page 10 The 3•2•1 and 3•2•1 GS speakers are designed to sit only on their bottom surface, with the Bose logo right-side up (Figure 4). Figure 4 Recommended orientation of the speakers, with Bose logo upright, not angled or upside down ® customer service. To contact Bose, refer to the list of offices AM271966_00_V.pdf August 18, 2003...
  • Page 11 floor stands (Figure 5). For ordering information, refer to “Accessories” on page 46. Figure 5 Speaker accessories UB-20 Wall Bracket Additional cables To contact Bose for additional or longer cables, refer to the list of offices included in the product carton. UFS-20 Floor Stand UT-S20 Table Stand AM271966_00_V.pdf August 18, 2003...
  • Page 12: Placing The Acoustimass Module

    System Setup Placing the Acoustimass Consider the guidelines below when choosing a location for the Acoustimass Make sure to place it: • within reach of the cables to the music center and an AC (mains) power outlet • at the same end of the room as the TV and the speakers (Figure 6) •...
  • Page 13: When The System Setup Is Completed

    When the system setup is completed With the speakers and media center placed as directed, you can enjoy the freedom to sit, recline, or move about in the room without missing a note. Figure 8 System placement for ideal coverage CAUTION: Be sure to read the section on making the connections before you plug in the system.
  • Page 14: Making The Connections

    Additional cables If additional audio cables or longer cables are needed to make these connections, contact Bose. Before you call, refer to the list of offices included in the product carton. Connecting the 3•2•1 speakers 1. Insert the single-plug end of the speaker cable into the SPEAKERS connector on the rear panel of the media center (Figure 10).
  • Page 15: Connecting The Acoustimass Module

    3. Plug the connector labeled LEFT into the jack on the rear of the left speaker (Figure 12). 4. Plug the connector labeled RIGHT into the rear jack on the right speaker. Figure 12 Making the left and right speaker connections Note: When properly inserted, there will be a small gap between the plug and the speaker panel.
  • Page 16: Attaching The Supplied Antennas

    System Setup Attaching the supplied antennas On the rear panel of the media center there are jacks for AM and FM antennas (Figure 15). Unwind the wires for each antenna to provide the best reception. Note: An outdoor antenna may be used in place of the two that are supplied. To add an outdoor antenna, consult a qualified installer.
  • Page 17: Connecting Your Tv To The Media Center

    Connecting your TV to the media center Note: If you will be using the 3•2•1 home entertainment system with both a TV and a VCR, skip this section and go to “Connecting your TV and VCR to the media center” on page 19. Note: If your TV does not have an audio output jack, see “If your TV does not have audio out- put jacks”...
  • Page 18: S-video As An Alternate Means To Connect To The Tv

    Figure 16 on page 17. To make this alternate connection, insert the end of an S-video cable from the TV into the ® S-VIDEO OUTPUT on the media center. This cable may be purchased from your Bose dealer or a local electronics retailer.
  • Page 19: System Setup

    Connecting your TV and VCR to the media center There are two options for connecting your TV and VCR to the media center. Before you pro- ceed, you must determine if your TV has audio output jacks. Consult your TV owner’s guide if you need assistance.
  • Page 20 System Setup Selecting the correct video input on your TV In order to play a DVD, your television must be set to receive signals from the correct video input jack. Most TVs have a TV/VIDEO, INPUT, or AUX IN button for selecting the video input. When the TV is on, the words “VIDEO 1”, “VIDEO 2”, or “AUX”...
  • Page 21: If Your Tv Does Not Have Audio Output Jacks

    If your TV does not have audio output jacks If your TV does not have audio output jacks, you will need to import audio to the 3•2•1 home entertainment system through a secondary source, such as a VCR. For this type of connection, you will need one additional video cable, which can be purchased at your local electronics store.
  • Page 22: Making The Final Power Connection

    If you are unable to locate the video input setting on your television, please consult your TV owner’s guide. Note: Some combination TV/VCR units may not work with the Bose 3•2•1and 3•2•1 GS home entertainment systems. Please refer to your TV/VCR owner’s manual for information.
  • Page 23: Installing Remote Control Batteries

    Installing remote control batteries 1. On the back of the remote, slide open the battery compartment (Figure 20). 2. Insert the two supplied AA (IEC-R6) 1.5V batteries, or their equivalent, as shown. Match the plus (+) and minus (–) marked on the batteries with the plus (+) and minus (–) inside the battery compartment.
  • Page 24 System Setup Figure 21 Advanced analog and digital connections, using S-video pass-through to the media center Media center jacks VIDEO INPUT VIDEO 1 OPTICAL VIDEO 2 VIDEO OUTPUT AUDIO INPUT VIDEO 1 LOOP ANTENNA ANTENNA OPTICAL Cable box S-video S-Video Audio Video Left...
  • Page 25: Connecting Recording Equipment

    Connecting recording equipment The rear panel of the media center provides audio output (RECORD) connections for audio recording devices such as a cassette deck (Figure 22). Figure 22 AUX input connections Connecting other playback equipment Other playback components, such as an audio CD changer, can be connected to the AUX inputs on the rear panel of the media center (Figure 22).
  • Page 26: Turning On The System

    Controls, displays, menus Turning on the system You can turn your system on and off by pressing the On/Off button on the remote or the Power button on top of the media center. Or, you can press any source button on the remote to select the source and turn the system on at the same time.
  • Page 27: Source And Menu Controls

    Displays the menu of the DVD disc currently loaded in the tray, as the particular DVD allows. Displays or exits the Bose 3•2•1 system on-screen menus, pro- vided that the correct Video Input setting is selected on the TV. See “Selecting the correct video input on your TV”...
  • Page 28: The Advanced Remote Control

    If you purchased the 3•2•1 GS system, your system came with the advanced remote control which can be programmed to control your TV and/or cable/satellite box. To contact Bose for information on how to purchase the remote separately, refer to the address sheet included with the system.
  • Page 29: The Media Center

    The media center The media center has a control panel on the top, a display area on the front that indicates the current status of the system, and a DVD/CD tray that opens on the front of the console. Control panel and buttons The media center has eight buttons located on the top control panel.
  • Page 30: Tv On-screen Menus

    Controls, Displays, Menus TV on-screen menus With both the TV and the 3•2•1 or 3•2•1 GS home entertainment system turned on, you can use menus that appear on the TV screen to choose among options for audio and video performance. To enter the Settings menu Before you begin, make sure you have selected the correct Video Input setting on your TV.
  • Page 31 To change a setting Figure 26 Example of changing a setting DVD Play Options (1 of 2) Title: Chapter: Title Time: Time Display: Motion Control: Audio Track: Camera Angle: More… Chooses an audio track for the current DVD. To check the system status Figure 27 A DVD status example Settings (DVD)
  • Page 32: Operation

    Operation Turning your system on and off You can turn your system on and off using the On/Off button ( the power button ( source that was played last is automatically selected. You can also press any source button on the remote to turn the system on and select the source at the same time.
  • Page 33: Basic Dvd Operations

    Basic DVD operations If you want to: Use the remote to do this: Pause a DVD movie… Press Pause Stop a DVD movie… Press Stop Skip to the next/previous Press Chapter chapter… Repeat a chapter… Press Repeat while playing the chapter. Search through the movie Press and hold Scan backward or forward…...
  • Page 34: Using The Parental Control Feature To Restrict Future Play

    Operation Using the Parental Control feature to restrict future play You can restrict the playing of DVD movies by using the Parental Control feature. The 8 levels of parental control correspond with the ratings on DVDs, and are usually equivalent to standard movie ratings provided by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA).
  • Page 35: Dvd Play Options

    DVD play options Settings (DVD) DVD Play Options While the system is in DVD mode, press the Settings button on the remote control to gain access to the options shown here. For more details on changes you can make to the settings, refer to the Sound Adjustments and System Adjustments sections of this guide.
  • Page 36: Loading And Playing A Cd

    Operation Loading and playing a CD 1. On the remote, press the CD/DVD button. 2. At the media center, press the Stop/Eject 3. Place the audio CD in the open disc tray. 4. Press the Stop/Eject The CD will start to play automatically. If it does not, press Play While playing a CD, the display window on the media center indicates: •...
  • Page 37: Changing Cd Settings

    Changing CD settings While the system is in CD mode, press the Settings button on the remote control to gain access to the options shown here. For more details on changes you can make to the settings, refer to the Sound Adjustments and System Adjustments sections that follow in this guide Selection: CD setting options: Sleep Timer:...
  • Page 38: Storing Preferred Stations As Preset Selections

    Operation Storing preferred stations as preset selections For radio stations that you listen to regularly, you can assign a preset number (1-25 in the AM band and 1-25 in FM) to tune to them quickly. To store a particular station: 1.
  • Page 39: Changing Am Settings

    Changing AM settings Selection: AM setting options: Sleep Timer: Station: Preset: Available only if presets include an AM station AM Status selection Audio Setup selection System Setup selection Playing other sources Turn on any component connected to the media center by using the remote for that compo- nent or controls on the component front panel.
  • Page 40: Sound Adjustments

    Range compression not active. 1 of n Not shown above. Indicates that a Dolby 1+1 audio track is playing. Automatically engages Bose Dolby Digital bitstream indicates that it contains a mono program. This feature can process a one-channel program in multi-speaker sound, directing the signals so that dialogue remains locked on- screen, while music and ambient effects fill the room.
  • Page 41 Treble Compensation: Bass Compensation: Figure 28 DVD audio status Settings: Audio Setup Movie EQ: Range Compression: Mono Decoding: Audio Status: Treble Compensation: 0 Bass Compensation: Displays information about volume and other adjustments. –15 to +15 Decreases(–) or increases (+) the treble sound. Rooms with too few sound-absorbing furnishings, especially those with bare floors and walls, may sound overly shrill or “bright.”...
  • Page 42: Locating System Settings

    System Adjustments Locating system settings 1. Turn on both the media center and your TV. 2. Press the Settings button. A menu of the available settings for the current source will be displayed on your TV screen. 3. Using the Tune 4.
  • Page 43: System Setup Menu

    System Setup menu The System Setup menu lists options for how to set up the entire system. Selection: Setting options: Display Language: English/French/ Spanish/etc. DVD Setup Video Format: Video Black Level: DVD Setup submenu The DVD Setup submenu lists options for how the DVD player should operate, including Parental Control.
  • Page 44: Reference

    Reference Taking care of your 3•2•1 or 3•2•1 GS system Caring for your system may include cleaning the system’s enclosures, cleaning your discs, and replacing the remote control batteries. Cleaning the media center • Use only a soft, dry cloth to clean the outside surfaces of the media center. •...
  • Page 45: Troubleshooting

    • Unplug the Acoustimass module power cord from the outlet for one minute, then reconnect it. This allows the unit to reset itself. After reconnecting the power cord, wait for the mes- sage, “BOSE 321” to appear on the media center display. Disc won’t eject •...
  • Page 46: Customer Service

    The Bose ferable warranty. Details of the warranty are provided on the warranty card that came with your system. Please fill out the information section on the card and mail it to Bose. Accessories The Bose 3•2•1 and 3•2•1 GS system shelf speakers are compatible with Bose mounting accessories, including the UB-20 wall brackets, UFS-20 floor stands and UTS-20 table...
  • Page 47: Technical Information

    Technical information Power rating USA/Canada: 120VAC, 60 Hz, 300W Dual voltage: 115/230VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300W UK/Europe: 230VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300W Australia: 240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300W Singapore: 220VAC, 50/60 Hz, 300W Inputs AUX, VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2: 2VRMS maximum EXTERNAL ANTENNA: 75 ohm Outputs 1 audio output 1 video output...
  • Page 48: Appendix

    Appendix Setup codes for cable Códigos de instalación para cable Codes de configuration pour le câble ABC... Ajinvision... Alcatel... Allegro... Americast... Amstrad... 1222 Anvision... 0111, 0211 Archer... 0153, 0797 BT... 0105 Bell & Howell... Bell South... 0899 Bestlink... Birmingham Cable Communications...
  • Page 49 RadioShack... 0015, 0303, 0315, 0797 Rampage... 0255 Recoton... 0400 Regal... 0020, 0259, 0273, 0279 Regency... 0002 Rembrandt... 0011, 0070 Runco... 0000 SL Marx... 0040 Sagem... 0817, 1089 Samsung... 0144, 0000, 0040, 0070, 0702, 0840 Scientific Atlanta... 0877, 0008, 0017, 0277, 0477, 1877 SeWoo...
  • Page 50: Setup Codes For Satellite

    Appendix Setup codes for satellite Códigos de instalación para satellite Codes de configuration pour le satellite @sat... ABsat... AGS... ASA... ASLF... AST... Aegir... Akai... Akena... Alba... Aldes... Allsat... Allsonic... 0288, 0369 Alltech... Alpha... AlphaStar... Amitronica... Ampere... Amstrad... 0080, 0132, 0243, 0252, Amway...
  • Page 51 Discovery... 0668, 0710 Dish Network System.. 1005, 0775 DishPro... 1005, 0775 Diskxpress... 0217 Distratel... 0084, 0885 Ditristrad... 0592 Drake... 0018, 0064, 0245 Dream Multimedia... 1237 Dune... 0369 Dynasat... 0679 EIF... 0417 EP Sat... 0455 Echostar... 1005, 0775, 0100, 0148, 0159, 0167, 0170, 0218, 0269, 0280, 0312, 0396, 0453, 0454, 0465, 0511, 0610, 0616, 0668, 0688,...
  • Page 52 Appendix Kabil... Kathrein... KeyWest... Kolon... Kosmos... Kreiselmeyer... Kuangyu... Kyostar... L&S Electronic... 1043 LG... LaSAT... 0115, 0243, 0369, 0520, Labgear... Legend... Lemon... Lenco... Lennox... Lenson... Leyco... Lifesat... 0369, 0605, 0713, 1122 Loewe... 0243 Logix... Lorenzen... Lorraine... Lupus... Luxor... M&B 1... 0605 Macab...
  • Page 53 Phonotrend... 0288, 0592 Pioneer... 0292, 0329, 0352, 0662, 0853 Planet... 0396 Plasmatic... 0442 Polytron... 0394, 0396 Praxis... 0733, 1123 Predki... 0332, 0421 Preisner... 0132, 0589 Premier... 0292, 0592 Prima... 0795 Primestar... 0361, 0627 ProVision... 0520 Profile... 0710 Promax... 0455 Prosat... 0288, 0628 Proscan...
  • Page 54 Appendix Telemaster... Telesat... 0605 Telestar... Televes... Televisa... Telewire... Ten Haaft... 0692 Thomson... Thorn... Tioko... Tonna... Topfield... Toshiba... Triad... Triasat... Triax... Twinner... UltimateTV... 0392, 0639 Uniden... Unisat... Unitor... Universum... VTech... Variosat... Ventana... Vestel... Victor... Visiosat... 0690 Vortec... Wela... Wetekom... Wewa... Winersat... Wintergarten...
  • Page 55: Setup Codes For Television

    Setup codes for television Códigos de instalación para TV Codes de configuration pour la télévision A-Mark... A.R. Systems... 0556 AGB... AOC... 0451, 0093, 0180, 0060, ASA... AWA... Abex... Acura... Addison... Admiral... Advent... Adventura... Adyson... Agef... Aiko... Aiwa... Akai... Akib... Akiba... Akito...
  • Page 56 Appendix Brandt... Brinkmann... Brionvega... Britannia... Brockwood... 0019 Broksonic... Bruns... Bush... CCE... CGE... 0074, 0076, 0084, 0247, CS Electronics... 0216, 0218, 0247 CTC... CXC... Candle... Canton... Carad... Carena... 0037, 0455 Carnivale... Carrefour... Carver... 0054, 0170 Cascade... Cathay... Celebrity... Celera... Centurion... Century... 0087, 0213, 0247 Changhong...
  • Page 57 Elekta... 0264 Elin... 0009, 0037, 0104, 0349, 0361, 0448, 0548 Elite... 0218, 0320 Elman... 0102 Elta... 0009, 0068, 0474 Emco... 0247 Emerson... 0154, 0236, 0463, 0180, 0282, 0178, 0019, 0179, 0039, 0037, 0038, 0070, 0087, 0158, 0177, 0181, 0182, 0183, 0185, 0213, 0247, 0280, 0320, 0361, 0371, 0623, 1905, 1909, 1911, 1928, 1929...
  • Page 58 Appendix Harley Davidson... Harman/Kardon... 0054, 0078 Harvard... Harwood Havermy... Hello Kitty... Hema... Hifivox... Hikona... Hinari... Hisawa... Hit... 0087 Hitachi... Hornyphone... Hua Tun... 0009 Huanyu... Hyper... 0009, 0216, 0217, 0247 Hypersonic... Hypson... ICE... ICeS... IR... IRT... ITS... ITT... AM271966_00_V.pdf August 18, 2003 0179, 0043, 1904 0180, 0068 0009, 0032, 0037, 0412...
  • Page 59 Kolin... 0180, 0053, 0033, 0036, 0108, 0474 Kolster... 0037 Konka... 0218, 0371, 0628, 0632, 0638, 0703, 0707, 0725, 0726, 1939, 1940 Korpel... 0037 Korting... 0087, 0320, 0421 Kosmos... 0037 Koyoda... 0009 Kraking... 0238 Kuba Electronic... 0303 Kyoshu... 0032, 0412 Kyoto... 0032, 0163, 0385 L&S Electronic...
  • Page 60 Appendix Naiko... Nakimura... Nakio... Naonis... National... Neckermann... Nesco... Netsat... 0037 Network... 0032, 0337 Neufunk... New Tech... Newave... Nicamagic... Nikkai... Nikko... Nisato... Noblex... Nobliko... Nogamatic... 0196 Nokia... Norcent... Nordmende... Noshi... Novak... Novatronic... 0037, 0105, 0531 Oceanic... Okano... 0009, 0037, 0264, 0370 Omega...
  • Page 61 Proline... 0072 Proscan... 0047, 0747, 1922 Prosonic... 0037, 0579 Protech... 0009, 0037, 0102, 0217, 0247, 0264, 0337, 0418, 0668 Proton... 0030, 0178, 0039, 0001, 0003, 0009, 0031, 0052, 0149, 0466, 0474, 0644 Pulsar... 0017, 0019 Pye... 0007, 0012, 0037, 0087, 0554, 0556 Quasar...
  • Page 62 Appendix Serino... Sharp... 0093, 0165, 0030, 0039, Shen Ying... Sheng Chia... 0093, 0236, 0179, 0009, Shintoshi... Shogun... Shorai... Siarem... Siemens... Signature... Silva... 0216 Silver... Simpson... Singer... Sinu... Sinudyne... Skantic... Skygiant... Skysonic... 0696 Skyworth... Solavox... Sonitron... 0208, 0339, 0370 Sonoko... Sonolor... 0163, 0208, 0361, 0567 Sontec...
  • Page 63 Teletech 0009, 0037, 0337 Teleton... 0036, 0186, 0206, 0217, 0259, 0349, 0363 Televideon... 0216, 0320 Temco... 0294 Tennessee... 0037 Tensai... 0009, 0037, 0104, 0105, 0217, 0218, 0247, 0294, 0320, 0371, 0374, 0377 Tenson... 0320 Tera... 0030, 0031, 0149, 0466, 0474 Texet...
  • Page 64 AM271966_00_V.pdf August 18, 2003 AM271966_00_V.pdf • August 18, 2003 AM271966_00_V.pdf • August 18, 2003 AM271966_00_V.pdf • August 18, 2003 AM271966_00_V.pdf August 18, 2003 AM271966_00_V.pdf August 18, 2003 ©2003 Bose Corporation The Mountain Framingham, MA 01701 271966 Rev. 00 JN40404...

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