Installation Checklist - Whirlpool 201553 Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual

Ultra low nox gas water heater with the flame lock safety system
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Important Information About This Water Heater
This gas water heater was manufactured to voluntary safety standards to reduce the likelihood of a flammable
vapor ignition incident. The new technology used in meeting these standards makes this product more sensitive to
installation errors. Please review the following checklist and make any required installation upgrades or changes.
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Installation Checklist

Water Heater Location
Water heater location is important and can affect system
performance. Please check the following:
Installation area free of corrosive elements and
flammable materials.
Centrally located with the water piping system.
Located as close to the gas piping and vent pipe
system as possible.
Located indoors and in a vertical position. Protected
from freezing temperatures.
Proper clearances from combustible surfaces
maintained and not installed directly on a carpeted
Provisions made to protect the area from water
damage. Metal drain pan installed and piped to an
adequate drain.
Sufficient room to service the water heater. See
"Clearances and Accessibility" section of this
Water heater not located near an air moving device.
Is the installed environment dirty (excessive
amounts of lint, dirt, dust, etc.)? If so, the flame
arrestor located on the bottom of the water heater
and the burner will need to be cleaned periodically.
Refer to the "Maintenance of your Water Heater"
section of this manual for information on cleaning
the flame-trap and burner.
Combustion Air Supply and Ventilation
Check for sufficient combustion air supply. Insufficient air
for the combustion of gas will result in the burner flame
tips becoming longer and the pilot will begin to experience
nuisance tripping. Is the water heater installed in a closet or
other small, enclosed space? If so:
Are there openings for make-up air to enter and
exit the room/area?
Are the openings of sufficient size? Remember,
if there are other gas-fired or air-consuming
appliances in the same room, you need more
make-up air. Refer to the "Location Requirements"
section of this water heater manual for specific
Fresh air not taken from areas that contain negative
pressure producing devices such as exhaust fans,
fireplaces, etc.
Is there a furnace/air handler in the same room
space as the water heater? If so, has a return air
duct system been attached that exits the room?
If so, check for leaks on the air duct system. If no
air duct system is present, correct immediately
by contacting a local Heating, Ventilation, Air-
Conditioning & Refrigeration (HVAC-R) authorized
service provider.
Fresh air supply free of corrosive elements and
flammable vapors.
Fresh air openings sized correctly with consideration
given to the blocking effect of louvers and grilles.
Ductwork is the same cross-sectional area as the
Vent Pipe System
Check for proper drafting at the water heater draft hood.
Refer to the "Checking the Draft" section of this manual for
the test procedure. If the procedure shows insufficient draft
is present, please check the following.
Draft hood properly installed.
Vent connectors securely fastened with screws and
supported properly to maintain six inch clearance.
Vent connector made of approved material and
sized correctly.
Vent pipe system installed according to all local
and state codes or, in the absence of local and
state codes, the "National Fuel Gas Code", ANSI
Z223.1(NFPA 54)-latest edition.
Flue baffle engaged in slots provided in the flue
Check the vent system for restrictions/obstructions
and check the vent termination height. Refer to the
"Air Supply and Ventilation" section of this water
heater manual for specific requirements.
Recheck for sufficient combustion air supply.
Water System Piping
Temperature and pressure relief valve properly
installed with a discharge line run to an open drain
and protected from freezing.
All piping properly installed and free of leaks.
Heater completely filled with water.
Closed system pressure build-up devices installed.
Tempering valve (when applicable) installed per
manufacturer's instructions (see "Water Temperature
Regulation" section).
Gas Supply and Piping
Gas type is the same as that listed on the water
heater data plate.
Gas line equipped with shut-off valve, union, and
drip leg.
Approved pipe joint compound used.
Adequate pipe size and approved pipe material.
An approved noncorrosive leak detection solution
used to check all connections and fittings for possible
gas leaks. Correct any leak found.

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Table of Contents

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