Replacement Parts; Removing The Burner Door Assembly - Whirlpool 201553 Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual

Ultra low nox gas water heater with the flame lock safety system
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Replacement Parts

IMPORTANT: The following maintenance procedures are
for the Flame Lock™Safety System components and
should be performed by a qualified person.
Replacement parts may be ordered through your plumber
or the local distributor. Parts will be shipped at prevailing
prices and billed accordingly. When ordering replacement
parts, always have the following information ready:
1. model, serial, and product number
2. item number
3. parts description
See "Repair Parts" section for a list of available repair

Removing the Burner Door Assembly

1. Turn off the gas to the water heater at the manual gas
shut-off valve (Figure 3).
2. Turn the gas control knob on the combination gas control
valve/thermostat clockwise to the "OFF" position (Figure
19). NOTE: Depress the dial stop on Robertshaw valves
before turning the gas control
knob. See Lighting Instructions
on the water heater.
3. Remove the outer door.
4. Remove the two screws
securing the burner door
assembly to the combustion
chamber. (Figure 23).
5. Disconnect the thermocouple
(right-hand thread), pilot
tube, the igniter wire from the
igniter button, and manifold
tube at the thermostat.
(Figure 22).
6. Grasp the manifold tube and
push down slightly to free the
manifold tube, pilot tube, and
7. Carefully remove the burner door assembly from the
combustion chamber. Be sure not to damage internal
Figure 23
Burner Door
Assembly Removal
T ube
V iewport
Figure 22
Gas Valve Connections
Robertshaw Gas Valve
Manifold Tube
White Rodgers Gas Valve
Manifold Tube
Ga s V alve /
Thermost at
Pilot T ube
Tw o P iece Wire
Screw (2)
Natural Gas Burner (Ultra Low Nox)
Check the burner to see if it is dirty or clogged. The burner
may be cleaned with soft paint brush (Figure 24). Do not
use a wire brush or any tool that may damage the burner
screen. Important: Do not use the burner if the burner screen
is damaged. NOTE: Damage may be rips or holes in the
burner screen. Discoloration is normal.
Figure 24
Natural Gas (Low Nox)
Burner Door Assembly
Replacing the Pilot Assembly
1. Follow the instructions in "Removing the Burner Door
Assembly" section to remove the assembly.
2. Remove the retainer clip securing the two piece wire
connector to the burner door assembly. (Note the
orientation of the retainer clip). Insert the tip of a large
flat head screwdriver between the clip and the top of the
two piece wire connector. Carefully rotate the screwdriver
to raise the clip. It may be necessary to remove the
connector one side at a time. (See Figure 25.)
3. Locate where the thermocouple connects to the rear of
the pilot assembly, and pull the thermocouple tip from the
rear of the pilot assembly.
4. Remove the nut securing the pilot assembly to the burner
and keep it for reuse later.
5. Use a 1/2" open end wrench, to loosen the nut securing
the pilot tube to the pilot. To prevent any bending use a
pair of pliers to steady the pilot bracket.
6. Remove the old pilot assembly (including the igniter wire)
from the burner door assembly.
7. Insert the pilot tube into the new pilot assembly. Important:
The new pilot assembly comes with an orifice. This orifice
must be installed when replacing the pilot assembly.
IMPORTANT: Do not operate this water heater without the
orifice in place.
8. Use a 1/2" open end wrench, to tighten the nut securing
the pilot tube to the pilot. To prevent any bending use a
pair of pliers to steady the pilot bracket.
9. Use the nut removed in a previous step to secure the new
pilot assembly to the burner.
10. Insert the igniter wire through the burner door and
reconnect the thermocouple to the pilot assembly. See
"Replacing the Thermocouple" section.
11. Reinstall the two piece wire connector. NOTE: The pilot
tube must be at the top followed by the igniter wire then
the thermocouple.
12. Follow the instructions in "Replacing the Burner Door
Assembly" section to reinstall the assembly.
Pilot Assembly
Use brush on this surface.

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Table of Contents

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