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Replacing The Burner Door Assembly; Piezoelectric Igniter System; Testing The Igniter System - Whirlpool 201553 Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual

Ultra low nox gas water heater with the flame lock safety system


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Replacing the Burner Door Assembly

Explosion Hazard
Tighten both manifold door screws
Remove any fiberglass between gasket
and combustion chamber.
Replace viewport if glass is missing or
Replace two piece wire connector if missing
or removed.
Replace door gasket if damaged.
Failure to follow these instructions can
result in death, explosion, or fire.
1. Check the door gasket for damage or imbedded debris
prior to installation.
Replace viewport if glass is
missing or damaged.
Failure to do so can result in
death, explosion or fire.
2. Inspect the viewport for damage and replace as
3. Insert the burner door assembly into the combustion
chamber and slide it completely forward. Note: When
inserting the burner door assembly, tip the burner end
up slightly to ensure it engages with the burner bracket.
4. Inspect the door gasket and make sure there is no
fiberglass insulation between the door gasket and the
combustion chamber (See Figure 28).
5. Replace the two screws, which secure the burner door
assembly to the combustion chamber and tighten
securely. Once the burner door assembly is tightened,
visually inspect the door gasket between the burner
door assembly and the combustion chamber for spaces
or gaps that would prevent a seal. IMPORTANT: Do not
operate the water heater if the door gasket does not
create a seal between the burner door assembly and
the combustion chamber.
6. Reconnect the manifold tubing, pilot tubing, and
thermocouple to the thermostat. Do not cross-thread
or apply any thread sealant to these fittings. The
thermocouple nut should be started and turned all the
way in by hand. An additional 1/2 - 3/4 turn with a
Explosion Hazard
7/16" open end wrench will then be sufficient to seat
the lockwasher.
7. Reconnect the igniter wire.
8. Turn gas supply on and refer to the "Lighting
9. Check for leaks by brushing on an approved
noncorrosive leak detection solution. Bubbles will show
a leak. Correct any leak found.
10. Replace the outer door.
Figure 28
Burner Door Assembly
Gas Control Valve/
Burner Door

Piezoelectric Igniter System

The piezoelectric igniter system consists of the igniter
button, electrode, and wire. The pilot is ignited by an
electric spark generated when the igniter button is pressed.
The electrode should be centered between the pilot and
thermocouple. (See Figure 29). Use only factory authorized
piezoelectric igniter parts for replacement.
Figure 29
Natural Gas Igniter Assembly
Snap-on Connector

Testing the Igniter System

Turn off the gas to the water heater at the manual gas
shut-off valve. Watch the electrode tip while activating the
igniter. A visible spark should jump from the electrode.
To avoid shock, do not touch the burner or any metal
part on the pilot or pilot assembly. If no spark is visible,
check the wire connections and make sure the electrode
is not broken. Replace the electrode if defective. NOTE:
The electrode is part of the pilot assembly and cannot be
replaced separately. Dirt and rust on the pilot or electrode
tip can prevent the igniter spark. Wipe clean with a damp
cloth and dry completely. Rust can be removed from the
electrode tip and metal surfaces by lightly sanding with an
emery cloth or fine grit sandpaper.

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