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Location Requirements; Site Location - Whirlpool 201553 Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual

Ultra low nox gas water heater with the flame lock safety system
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Can result in serious injury or death
Do not store or use gasoline or other
flammable vapors and liquids in the
vicinity of this or any other appliance.
Storage of or use of gasoline or other
flammable vapors or liquids in the vicinity
of this or any other appliance can result in
serious injury or death.
Read and follow water heater warnings and
Flammable Vapors

Location Requirements

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Hazard
Do not install in a mobile home.
Doing so can result in death or
carbon monoxide poisoning.
The Flame Lock™Safety System is designed to reduce the
risk of flammable vapor-related fires. The patented system
protects your family by trapping the burning vapors within
the water heater combustion chamber through the special
flame-trap. The burning vapors literally "burn themselves
out" without escaping back into the room. In the event
of a flammable vapor incident, the Flame Lock™Safety
System disables the water heater by shutting off the gas
supply to the water heater's burner and pilot, preventing
re-ignition of any remaining flammable vapors in the area.
This will not prevent a possible fire/explosion if the igniter
is depressed and flammable vapors have accumulated
in the combustion chamber with the pilot light off. If you
suspect a flammable vapor incident has occurred, do not
use this appliance. Do not attempt to light this appliance,
or depress the igniter button if you suspect flammable
vapors have accumulated inside or outside the appliance.
Immediately call a qualified person to inspect the
appliance. Water heaters subjected to a flammable vapors
incident will show a discoloration on the flame-trap and
require replacement of the entire water heater.
Do not use or store flammable products such as gasoline,
solvents, or adhesives in the same room or area near the
water heater. If such flammables must be used, all gas
burning appliances in the vicinity must be shut off and their
pilot lights extinguished. Open the doors and windows for
ventilation while flammable substances are in use.
If flammable liquids or vapors have spilled or leaked in
the area of the water heater, leave the area immediately
and call the fire department from a neighbor's home. Do
not attempt to clean the spill until all ignition sources have
been extinguished.
Keep combustibles such as boxes, magazines, clothes,
etc. away from the water heater area.

Site Location

Select a location near the center of the water piping
system. The water heater must be installed indoors and
in a vertical position on a level surface. Do not install in
bathrooms, bedrooms, or any occupied room normally
kept closed.
Locate the water heater as close to the chimney or gas
vent as practical. Consider the vent system piping and
combustion air supply requirements when selecting the
water heater location. The venting system must be able
to run from the water heater to termination with minimal
length and elbows.
Locate the water heater near the existing gas piping.
If installing a new gas line, locate the water heater to
minimize the pipe length and elbows.
NOTE: This water heater must be installed according to all
local and state codes or, in the absence of local and state
codes, the "National Fuel Gas Code", ANSI Z223.1(NFPA
54)-latest edition.

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Table of Contents

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