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Charging The Battery - Panasonic Lumix DMW-BTC14 Series Operating Instructions Manual

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Charging the Battery

≥ Always use genuine Panasonic batteries (DMW-BLJ31).
≥ If you use other batteries, we cannot guarantee the quality of this product.
A Battery charger
B USB connection cable (C–C) (supplied) D AC cable (AC mains lead) (supplied)
1 Connect the battery charger and the AC adaptor with the USB
connection cable (C–C).
• Hold the plugs and insert them straight. (Inserting these at an angle may
cause deformation or malfunction)
2 Connect the AC cable (AC mains lead) to the AC adaptor and
then insert into the electrical outlet E.
• Do not use any other AC cables (AC mains leads) except the supplied one.
• The AC cable (AC mains lead) is dedicated for this unit. Do not use it with
other devices.
3 Insert the battery.
• Insert the terminal end of the battery and push in
• The [CHARGE] indicator F lights up and charging
∫ About the [CHARGE] indicator
Charging status
Charging lamp
DVQX1721 (ENG)
0% to 49%
B Lit
C AC adaptor (supplied)
50% to 79%
80% to 99%
C Off



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