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Cautions For Use - Panasonic Lumix DMW-BTC14 Series Operating Instructions Manual

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• After charging, disconnect the power source connection and remove the
• If the [50%] lamp is blinking quickly, then charging is not occurring.
• The battery temperature is too high or too low. It is recommended to charge the battery
again in an ambient temperature of between 10 oC and 30 oC (50 oF and 86 oF).
• The terminals of the charger or the battery are dirty. In this case, wipe them with a dry cloth.
∫ Removing the battery
To remove the battery, follow the steps for inserting it in the reverse order.
∫ Charging time
The indicated charging time is for when the battery has been discharged
completely. The charging time may vary depending on how the battery
has been used. The charging time for the battery in hot/cold environments
or a battery that has not been used for a long time may be longer than
• Charging is not possible if the battery is inserted in a wrong way. In that case,
remove the battery first, and then reinsert it by following the correct steps.
• Do not use any other USB connection cables except the supplied one.
• Do not use any other AC adaptors except the supplied one.
• Do not use other than the supplied AC cable (AC mains lead). This may cause a
• Do not use USB extension cables or USB conversion adaptors.
• The AC adaptor, AC cable (AC mains lead) and the USB connection cable (C–C)
are intended solely for use with this battery charger. Do not use them with other
• The battery becomes warm during and after charging. The charger also
becomes warm during charging. This is not a malfunction.
• The battery can be recharged even when it still has some charge left, but it is not
recommended that the battery charge be frequently topped up while the battery
is fully charged. (Since characteristic swelling may occur.)

Cautions for Use

• The charger and AC adaptor may generate whirring sounds when they are being
used. This is not a malfunction.
• Keep the charger and AC adaptor at least 1 m (3.3 feet) away from radios.
• Do not put heavy objects or step on the charger or AC adaptor.
Charging time
Approx. 130 min
(ENG) DVQX1721



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