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Maintenance; Introduction - Maintenance; Clean The Product - Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 550H Operator's Manual

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5.1 Introduction - maintenance

WARNING: The product must be
switched off before any maintenance is
done. The product is disabled when
the LED status indicator is not lit.
WARNING: Wear protective gloves.
For better operation and longer service life, make
sure to clean the product regularly and replace
worn parts. All maintenance and servicing must
be done according to Husqvarna's instructions.
Warranty on page 58 .
Refer to
When the product is first used, the blade disc and
blades should be inspected once a week. If the
amount of wear during this period has been low,
the inspection interval can be increased.
It is important that the blade disc rotates easily.
The edges of the blades should not be damaged.
The lifetime of the blades varies immensely and
depends for instance on:
Operating time and size of the work area.
Type of grass and seasonal growth.
Soil, sand and use of fertilizers.
The presence of objects such as cones,
windfalls, toys, tools, stones, roots and the
The normal life is 2 to 5 weeks when used under
favorable conditions. Refer to
on page 37 on how to replace the blades.
Note: Working with blunt blades gives a poorer
mowing result. The grass is not cut cleanly and
more energy is needed resulting in the product
not mowing such a large area.

5.2 Clean the product

It is important to keep the product clean. A
product with large amounts of grass stuck to it
will not cope as well with slopes. It is
recommended to clean using a brush.
Husqvarna recommends to use a special
cleaning and maintenance kit, available as an

36 - Maintenance

5 Maintenance
accessory. Contact your Husqvarna
representative for more information.
5.2.1 Chassis and blade disc
Inspect the blade disc and blades once a week.
5.2.2 Chassis
Clean the underside of the chassis. Brush or
wipe with a damp cloth.
5.2.3 Wheels
Clean around the wheels. Grass on the wheels
Replace the blades
can impact on how the product performs in
5.2.4 The body of the product
Use a moist, soft sponge or cloth to clean the
body of the product. If the body of the product is
dirty, use a mild soap solution to clean it.
5.2.5 Charging station
CAUTION: Never use a high-pressure
washer to clean the product. Never
use solvents for cleaning.
Set the Main switch to position
Lift the product onto its side.
Clean the blade disc and chassis using for
example a dish brush. At the same time,
check that the blade disc rotates freely in
relation to the foot guard. Also, check that
the blades are intact and can pivot freely.
WARNING: Use the plug to disconnect
the charging station before any
maintenance, or cleaning of charging
station or power supply.
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