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Troubleshooting Chart - Panasonic CT-30WC14 Operating Instructions Manual

Tau series pureflat tv
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Troubleshooting Chart

Before calling for service, determine the symptoms and follow suggested solutions
Noisy Audio
Noisy Audio
Noisy Audio
No Audio
Noisy Audio
No Audio
Picture shifts slightly (horizontally or
vertically) when turned on, changing
Normal Audio
channels or within a duration of two
Normal Audio
Wrong Audio
Normal Audio
Normal Audio
Intermittent Remote Control Operation
No effect when pressing TV front control panel keys
Snowy Video
Multiple Image /
Color shift in picture
Normal Video
No Video with Snow
No Video / No Split
(2) hours of viewing.
No Color
Normal Video
Black Box on Screen
Normal Video
Adjust antenna location and connection
Adjust antenna location and connection
Check antenna lead-in wire
Move television away from electrical appliances, lights,
vehicles and medical equipment
Increase Volume
Check Mute
Check television SPEAKERS on/off
Change Channel
Set TV or Cable Mode Properly
Check Antenna Cables
Check if Power Cord is Plugged into Active Outlet
Adjust Brightness and Audio Controls
Change Channel
Check Cable Connections
Program the Remote Control Again
Check Second Video Source Operation
Make sure that a PC is not connected to HDMI input.
This is a normal condition to prevent image burn-in. This feature can be
turned off. However, turning off this feature may result in image
retention on screen. (refer pg. 25)
Confirm that cables are in the correct jacks
Adjust Color Settings
Change Channel
Check for broken pins on S-Video cable
Check if Audio Is Set To Stereo or Mono, Not SAP
Change CC (Closed Captioning) from Text Mode
Replace Remote Control Batteries
Control panel may be locked. Press ACTION and TV/VIDEO buttons
on the TV front simultaneously, then quickly press ACTION and
VOL buttons simultaneously.

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Table of Contents

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