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Panasonic CT-30WX54 Manual

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  • Page 1 asonlc CT-30WC14 CT-30WX54 CT-34WX54 TQB2AA0496 40407 PRINTED IN USA IMPRESO EN EE.UU IMPRIM_ AUX ETATS-UNIS...
  • Page 2 lightning flash with arrow head within a triangle is intended to tell the user that parts inside product constitute a risk of electric shock to WARNING persons. The exclamation point within a triangle intended tell user that important operating servicing instructions are in the papers with the appliance.
  • Page 3: Important Information

  • Page 4: Fcc Information

    FCC INFORMATION This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B Digital Device in accordance with the specifications in Part 15 of the FCC Rules. The limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against radio and television interference in a residential installation.
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents SAP Button ..............Important Information ........Split Operation ............Information Regarding The Use Of Video Games Split Operation with Cable Box ........Computers, Or Other Fixed Image Displays .... Split Operational Buttons ..........FCC Information ............Split CTRL Button ........... Customer Record ............
  • Page 6: Customer Record

    Congratulations Feature Chart Your new Panasonic Tau Television features state-of-the- technology high quality picture sound with complete audio/video connections for your home theater system. Your TV is designed to give you many years MODELS enjoyment. It was thoroughly tested tuned...
  • Page 7: Installation

    Cable Mode is preset at the factory. CT-30WC14, CT-30WC14U: CAUTION: These television receivers for use only with PANASONIC TY-30WX54T stand. Use with other carts Remote Control Battery Installation (or stands) is capable of resulting in instability causing possible injury. Requires two AA batteries (supplied).
  • Page 8: Initial Set Up Menu

    INITIAL UP MENU, Initial Set Up Menu GEOMAGNETIC CORRECTION For your convenience, Auto Set up menu will be displayed on screen when the set is turned on for the first time. If This feature is used to adjust discoloration of the picture needed, follow the menus and procedures for setting up the due to the earth's magnetic field in the area.
  • Page 9: Optional Equipment Connections

    OPWONAL EQU_MENT CONNECWONS Optional Equipment Connections Cable Box Connection Note: The remote control must be programmed with supplied codes to operate the optional equipment. Follow this diagram when connecting your television to a VCR Connection cable box only. Follow this diagram when connecting your television...
  • Page 10: Front Control Panel

    OP_ONAL EQUfPMENT CONNEC_ONS VCR and Cable Box Connection (Cont.) Recording a premium (scrambled) cable channel Audio Adjustments Select SPEAKERS ON located in the onscreen AUDIO Procedure menu. Press the "FV/VIDEO button on the remote control to Set amplifier volume to minimum. select the video input...
  • Page 11: Program Out Connection

    Input or Video Input), In this case, the picture will be displayed as an analog signal. Notes: "3, HDMI-DVI conversion cable (TY-SCH03DH) available on Panasonic Website: (only for USA customers). Please refer to page 19 for Audio setting detail.
  • Page 12: Special Features

    SPECIAL FEATURES Special Features Split Operation This feature lets you watch two different channels side by ASPECT Button side with or without an external video source. Customer Options depending on Component Input Signal Procedure SPLIT Press _ to display Split frame. 1080i 16:9 only No options...
  • Page 13: Split Operational Buttons

    Split Operational Buttons SPLIT CTRL Button Freeze Button This feature is used to stop action in Split frame. SPLIT CTRL Pressing will enable you to use Procedure SPLIT numeric keys for changing split channel and to use TV/ Press _ to display split frame.
  • Page 14: Remote Control Operation

    REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION Remote Control Operation TVtVIDEO S_-e_) Press to select TV or input mode s for main pictur e or split frame, [[programming format= Press to turn ON and OFF. Note: Refer to TV/VIDEO Button section on page 11 for selecting split frame input. I_ss to display and or MOltO).
  • Page 15: Operating Components With Remote Control

    REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION Operating Components with Remote Control Operating a DVD Note: Refer to page 15 for programming Remote Control procedure. Program the remote control to use with DVD Operating a VCR _RES_::::: : :_ TO B_ Program the remote control to use with VCR _PRESS Turn onloff Skip search<<...
  • Page 16 REMOTE CONTROL OPERATION Operating a DTV Set Top Box Program the remote control to use with DTV. PVR left!right v0 L Pause Turn on!0ff Program RECALL Information Change DVDNCR OH R_TUNE Channels • GUIDE u_p/do_o Replay zone Guide ACTION TV/VCR PVR select Instant replay ®®0...
  • Page 17: Programming The Remote Control

    Press together, for at least 5 Ib,[_.LvJ IO[' seconds. After 5 seconds, illuminated mode TV (Panasonic Only) Panasonic TV Code (component) buttons will begin to flash. Release DTV-STB DTV (Panasonic Only) Panasonic DTV Code ACTION and POWER buttons. C..Panasonic CABLE...
  • Page 18 32t,322,323,324 HNS (Hughes) General 111,119, 120, Citizen Radio Shack 305,309,324, Magnavox 101,102 Instrument! 121,122, 124, 333,336,340 Craig 305, 306,329 Panasonic Jerrold 125, 126,127 300, 301,302, Curtis Philips 101,102 323,324,331, Mathes 324, 345 Hamlin 112, 118, 140, 333,345,346 Primestar 141,142, Daewoo...
  • Page 19 Fisher Kenwood 200,207 Harman 115, 123 Kardon Harman/Kardon 219,220, Marantz 221,223 Jensen Nakamichi Hitachi 132,133 Onkyo 208,209,213 Jensen Kenwood t00,188 Panasonic 216,218 240,241,245 Magnavox Philips Kardon Marantz Denon '231 200,201,211, Mctntosh Kenwood Fisher Nakamichi LXSSears Jensen Onkyo 109,114 Magnavox 229,232...
  • Page 20: Basic Menu Navigation

    BASIC MENU NA VIGA TION Basic Menu Navigation Press to display Main Menu. to enter sub sub-menu Press field. sub sub-Menu Field Press to choose the desired icon. Press to select desired sub sub-menu. Press to enter the sub- menu field. sub Menu Field Press...
  • Page 21: Icon Menus Operation

    ICON MENUS OPERATION Icon Menus Operation COLOR MATRIX - Available only with 480p signal. PICTURE Select automatically adjust color parameters for HD (high definition) and SD (standard Note: While sub-menu features are highlighted, press VOL • definition). This feature is not selectable when viewing a to adjust or activate.
  • Page 22: Channels

    Note: Use the remote numeric keypad to select desired AUDIO (cont.) channel (refer to your local TV guide). £3 OTHER ADJ. (cont.) HDMI IN - When using HDMI, this feature will let you switch between Analog Input and Digital Input. Auto - Automatically selects Analog / Digital signal.
  • Page 23: Timer

    ICON MENUS OPERATION Procedure TIMER Press VOL • to select. OFF - Turns Lock function off, Note: Use CH • or CH • to highlight and use < VOL or GAME - Lock CH 3, 4 and Video inputs. VOL • to select.
  • Page 24 U.S TV Programs U.S. TV Programs Ratings Chart Description This TV model features "V-Chip technology" which allows Not Rated. SEE CUSTOMER CAUTION above. you to use U.S. TV PROGRAMS Guide ratings to block All children. The themes and elements in this various types of TV programs.
  • Page 25 ICON MENUS OPERATION U.S. Movies (cont.) Canadian English Ratings Description Press • VOL or VOL • to select 12, 24, 48 hours or Exempt Exempt programming includes: ALWAYS. news, sports, documentaries other ACTION information programming, talk shows, music Press to return to Main Menu, then press CH • videos, and variety programming.
  • Page 26: Set Up

    CanadianFrench(cont). SET UP Canadian F rench Ratings Description C] While the desired sub menu is highlighted, press VOL • to Exempt - Exempt programming. select or activate feature General - Programming intended for audience of all ages. Contains violence, violence content is minimal or is depicted...
  • Page 27 ICON MENUS OPERATION SET UP (cont.) £3 OTHER ADJ. IMAGE SHIFT - This feature prevents image retention associated with viewing a fixed image for a Highlight OTHER ADJ. and press VOL • to enter sub sub- long period of time. When this feature is selected (ON), menu field.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting Chart

    TROUBLESHOOTING CHART Troubleshooting Chart Before calling for service, determine the symptoms and follow suggested solutions. Adjust antenna location and connection Snowy Video Noisy Audio Adjust antenna location and connection Check antenna leadqn wire Multiple Image / Noisy Audio Color shift in picture Move television away from electrical appliances, lights, vehicles and medical equipment Interference...
  • Page 29: Hdmi (High Definition Multimedia Interface) Input Connection

    Index Preset Caption 20 Program Out Connection 9 3D Y/C Filter 19 Favorites 20 Programming The Remote Control 15 FCC Information 2 Programming Without A Code 15 Feature Chart 4 AC Power Supply Cord 5 Freeze Button 11 AI Sound 19 Front Control Panel 8 Remote Control Battery Installation 5 Amplifier Connection 8...
  • Page 30 28 •...
  • Page 31 29•...
  • Page 32 Panasonic Canada Inc, Panasonic Sales Company, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company, 5770 Anlbler Drive Division of Matsushita Elec_ie Division Of Matsushita Mississauga, Ontario of F'uerto Rico lilc. (_PSC '_) Electric Corporation of America Canada L4W 2r3 Ave. 05 de Infanteria, Km 9 5 O_e Par_asonic _ay ]eLt] _1 : (905) 624¸¸¸5010...

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