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Quality Report Tool; Voice Quality Monitoring - Cisco 8800 Series Maintenance Manual

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Quality Report Tool

Step 1
From the Administrator Settings menu, if required, unlock phone options.
Step 2
Choose Reset Settings > Security Settings.
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Quality Report Tool
The Quality Report Tool (QRT) is a voice quality and general problem-reporting tool for the Cisco IP Phone.
The QRT feature is installed as part of Cisco Unified Communications Manager installation.
You can configure user Cisco IP Phones with QRT. When you do so, users can report problems with phone
calls by pressing Report Quality. This softkey or button is available only when the Cisco IP Phone is in the
Connected, Connected Conference, Connected Transfer, or OnHook states.
When a user presses Report Quality, a list of problem categories appears. The user selects the appropriate
problem category, and this feedback is logged in an XML file. Actual information that is logged depends on
the user selection and whether the destination device is a Cisco IP Phone.
For more information about using QRT, see the documentation for your particular Cisco Unified
Communications Manager release.
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Voice Quality Monitoring

To measure the voice quality of calls that are sent and received within the network, Cisco IP Phones use these
statistical metrics that are based on concealment events. The DSP plays concealment frames to mask frame
loss in the voice packet stream.
• Concealment Ratio metrics—Show the ratio of concealment frames over total speech frames. An interval
• Concealed Second metrics—Show the number of seconds in which the DSP plays concealment frames
Concealment ratio and concealment seconds are primary measurements based on frame loss. A Conceal Ratio
of zero indicates that the IP network is delivering frames and packets on time with no loss.
You can access voice quality metrics from the Cisco IP Phone using the Call Statistics screen or remotely by
using Streaming Statistics.
Apply a Phone Password
Cisco Unified Communications Manager Documentation
conceal ratio is calculated every 3 seconds.
due to lost frames. A severely "concealed second" is a second in which the DSP plays more than five
percent concealment frames.