Cooking Modes,19 - Whirlpool ACMK 6123/WH Instructions For Use Manual

Cooker and oven
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Cooking modes
A temperature value can be set for all cooking modes between 60°C and Max, except for the following modes
• GRILL (recommended: set only to MAX power level) • GRATIN (recommended: do not exceed 200°C).
Both the top and bottom heating elements will come on. When using this traditional
cooking mode, it is best to use one cooking rack only. If more than one rack is used, the
heat will be distributed in an uneven manner.
The rear heating element and the fan are switched on, thus guaranteeing the
distribution of heat in a delicate and uniform manner throughout the entire oven. This
mode is ideal for baking and cooking temperature sensitive foods (such as cakes that
need to rise) and for the preparation of pastries on 3 shelves simultaneously.
The heating elements and the fan come on, guaranteeing the distribution of heat
consistently and uniformly throughout the oven.
Preheating is not necessary for this cooking mode. This mode is particularly suitable
for cooking pre-packed food quickly (frozen or pre-cooked). The best results are
achieved using one cooking rack only.
All the heating elements (top, bottom and circular) switch on and the fan begins to
operate. Since the heat remains constant throughout the oven, the air cooks and
browns food in a uniform manner. A maximum of two racks may be used at the same
The circular heating elements and the elements at the bottom of the oven are
switched on and the fan is activated. This combination heats the oven rapidly by
producing a considerable amount of heat, particularly from the element at the
bottom. If you use more than one rack at a time, switch the position of the dishes
halfway through the cooking process.
The central part of the top heating element is switched on. The high and direct
temperature of the grill is recommended for food that requires a high surface
temperature (veal and beef steaks, fillet steak and entrecôte). This cooking
mode uses a limited amount of energy and is ideal for grilling small dishes. Place the food
in the centre of the rack, as it will not be cooked properly if it is placed in the corners.
The top heating element and the rotisserie (where present) are activated and
the fan begins to operate. This combination of features increases the effectiveness of
the unidirectional thermal radiation provided by the heating elements through
forced circulation of the air throughout the oven. This helps prevent food from burning
on the surface and allows the heat to penetrate right into the food.
The fan located on the bottom of the oven makes the air circulate at room temperature
around the food. This is recommended for the defrosting of all types of food, but in
particular for delicate types of food which do not require heat, such as for example: ice
cream cakes, cream or custard desserts, fruit cakes. By using the fan, the defrosting
time is approximately halved. In the case of meat, fish and bread, it is possible to
accelerate the process using the "multi-cooking" mode and setting the temperature to
80° - 100°C
The lower heating element is activated. This position is recommended for
perfecting the cooking of dishes (in baking trays) which are already cooked on the
surface but require further cooking in the centre, or for desserts with a covering of
fruit or jam, which only require moderate colouring on the surface. It should
be noted that this function does not allow the maximum temperature to be reached
inside the oven (250°C) and it is therefore not recommended that foods are cooked
using only this setting, unless you are baking cakes (which should be baked at a
temperature of 180°C or lower).
The bottom heating element and the fan is activated, which allows for the heat
distribution within the whole cavity of the oven. This combination is useful for light
cooking of vegetables and fish


Table of Contents

Table of Contents