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Care And Maintenance,22 - Whirlpool ACMK 6123/WH Instructions For Use Manual

Cooker and oven


Table of Contents
Care and maintenance
Switching the appliance off
Disconnect your appliance from the electricity supply
before carrying out any work on it.
Cleaning the appliance
Never use steam cleaners or pressure cleaners on the
• The stainless steel or enamel-coated external parts and
the rubber seals may be cleaned using a sponge that
has been soaked in lukewarm water and neutral soap.
Use specialised products for the removal of stubborn
stains. After cleaning, rinse well and dry thoroughly.
Do not use abrasive powders or corrosive substances.
• The hob grids, burner caps, flame spreader rings and
burners may be removed to make cleaning easier;
wash them in hot water and non-abrasive detergent,
making sure all burnt-on residue is removed before
drying them thoroughly.
• Clean the terminal part of the flame failure safety
devices* frequently.
• The inside of the oven should ideally be cleaned after
each use, while it is still lukewarm. Use hot water and
detergent, then rinse well and dry with a soft cloth. Do
not use abrasive products.
• Clean the glass part of the oven door using a sponge
and a non-abrasive cleaning product, then dry
thoroughly with a soft cloth. Do not use rough abrasive
material or sharp metal scrapers as these could
scratch the surface and cause the glass to crack.
• The accessories can be washed like everyday
crockery, and are even dishwasher safe.
• Do not close the cover when the burners are alight or
when they are still hot.
Inspecting the oven seals
Check the door seals around the oven regularly. If
the seals are damaged, please contact your nearest
Authorised After-sales Service Centre. We recommend
that the oven is not used until the seals have been
Replacing the oven light bulb
1. After disconnecting the oven
from the electricity mains, remove
the glass lid covering the lamp
socket (see fi gure).
2. Remove the light bulb and
replace it with a similar one:
voltage 230 V, wattage 25 W,
cap E 14.
3. Replace the lid and reconnect
the oven to the electricity supply.
Do not use the oven lamp as/for ambient lighting.
Gas tap maintenance
Over time, the taps may become jammed or difficult to
turn. If this occurs, the tap must be replaced.
This procedure must be performed by a qualified
technician authorised by the manufacturer.
Side and rear catalytic liners
These are panels coated with a special enamel, which is able to absorb the
fat released by food as it cooks.
This enamel is quite strong, so that the various accessories (racks, dripping
pans, etc.) can slide along them without damaging them. White marks may
appear on the surfaces; these are not a cause for concern.
Nevertheless, the following should be avoided:
- scraping the enamel with sharp objects (a knife, for example);
- using detergents or abrasive materials.
The cover
when the burners are alight or when they are still hot.
If the cooker is fitted with
a glass cover, this cover
should be cleaned using
lukewarm water. Do not use
abrasive products.
It is possible to remove
the cover in order to make
cleaning the area behind
the hob easier. Open
the cover fully and pull it
upwards (see figure).
! Do not close the cover


Table of Contents

Table of Contents