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Notes On Laundry; Care And Cleaning; Overview Of Programmes - Siemens WT34A101TH Installation And Operating Instructions Manual

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Notes on laundry ...

Labelling of fabrics
Follow the manufacturer's care instructions.
Drying at a normal temperature.
Drying at a lower temperature
Do not machine dry.
Be sure to follow the safety instructions
For example, do not use the dryer for the following fabrics:
– Airtight fabrics (e.g. rubber-coated fabrics).
– Delicate materials (silk, curtains made from synthetic material)
– Laundry contaminated with oil.
Before drying for the first time
– Do not put any laundry in the machine. Turn the programme selector to Zeitprogramm
(timer programme) (
page 7) and select
programme selector to Off.
Drying tips
– To ensure a consistent result, sort the laundry by fabric type and drying programme.
– Always dry very small fabrics (e.g. baby socks) together with large items of laundry
(e.g. hand towels).
– Fasten zips, hooks and eyelets, button covers and tie together cloth belts, bands, etc.
– Do not overdry easy-care laundry
Allow laundry to finish drying in the air.
– Do not iron laundry immediately after drying, fold items up and leave for a while
the remaining moisture will then be distributed evenly.
– Knitted fabrics (e.g. T-shirts, jerseys) often shrink slightly the first time they are tumble-dried.
Do not use the Cupbord Dry Plus
– Starched laundry is not always suitable for dryers
adversely affects the drying operation.
– When washing the laundry that is to be tumble-dried, measure the fabric softener in
accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
– Using a timer programme with a small laundry load
Environmental protection / Energy-saving tips
– Before drying, spin the laundry thoroughly in the washing machine
speed, the shorter the drying time will be (consumes less energy), also spin easy-care
– Use the maximum recommended fill level but do not overload with laundry
overview of programmes, page 7.
– Make sure the room is well ventilated during drying.
– Clean the fluff filter after every drying cycle
in addition, select
page 11!
they may crease.
Start. At the end of the programme, turn the
risk of creasing
starch leaves behind a coating that
optimisation of the drying result.
the higher the spin
page 4.

Care and cleaning

Dryer housing, control panel
– Wipe off with a soft, damp cloth.
– Do not use abrasive cleaners or solvents.
– Remove detergent and cleaning agent residue immediately.
Exhaust air duct
Check the exhaust air duct. Clean the exhaust air duct every six months.
Do not bend the exhaust air duct.
1. Switch off the dryer and allow it to cool down.
2. Disconnect the mains plug.
3. Remove the exhaust air duct.
4. Clean the exhaust air duct.
5. Refit the exhaust air duct
Moisture sensors
The dryer is equipped with stainless steel moisture sensors.
Moisture sensors measure the moisture level of the laundry.
After sustained, repeated operation, a fine layer of limescale may form
on the moisture sensors.
1. Open the door.
2. Clean the moisture sensors using a slightly damp sponge with a rough
Do not use steel wool or abrasive materials.
Only when the appliance is
switched off.
Installation instructions for exhaust air duct.



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