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Siemens wt34v100me Operating And Installation Instructions

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Your new dryer
Congratulations - You have opted for a modern, high quality
only in the household;
domestic appliance of the Siemens brand. The vented dryer is
only for drying textiles which have been
distinguished by its economical energy consumption.
washed with water.
Each dryer which leaves our factory is inspected thoroughly to
ensure that it functions properly and is in perfect condition.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our
Do not leave children unattended
customer service.
near the dryer!
Keep pets away from the dryer!
Environmental disposal
Dispose of packaging in an environmentally friendly manner.
This appliance has been identified in accordance with the
European directive 2002/96/EG on Waste Electrical and
Electronic Equipment - WEEE.
The directive specifies the framework for an EU wide valid
return and recycling of old appliances.
Programme selector
Status displays
Setting programmes
After drying
About the washing
Servicing and cleaning
Overview of programmes
Technical specifications
Optional accessories
What to do if...
Safety instructions
Ä f Ç m
drying, iron dry, cupboard dry, fluff/finished
Service displays
o Clean filter
Clean fluff filter. Check exhaust air line.
Close door r Door
Installation, see page 8
Never use a damaged dryer!
Notify customer service!
the dryer
Insert the
With dry hands only!
mains plug
Touch the plug only!
Sort and put in the washing
Take all objects out of the pockets.
Look out for cigarette lighters!
The drum must be empty before it is loaded!
See overview of programmes on page 7.
Selecting + setting programme
Select drying programme ...
... and adjust
Select additional
All buttons need only a light touch.
Select Start button
Reduced temperature for sensitive textiles D, e.g. polyacrylic,
J J Low heat
polyamide, elastane, acetate for longer drying time
Cleaning the fluff filter
Open door, pull out filter and open.
Remove fluff (run hand over filter).
Close filter, re insert and close door.
Rinse extremely soiled or blocked filters with warm water and dry thoroughly!
Switching off the dryer
Set programme selector to Off.
Do not leave damp washing in the dryer!
Door handle
Removing washing
Control panel
The automatic anti crease function causes the drum to move at specific intervals, the
washing remains loose and fluffy for an hour (two hours if the e Less Ironing function
is also selected - depending on model).
Programme end
as soon as the light comes on
Topping up or removing washing
Open the door, the drying process is interrupted.
Add or remove washing and close the door.
If required, reselect the programme and additional functions.
Cooling grille
Select M start button.
Drum and door may be hot.
About the washing...
Servicing and cleaning
Identifying textiles
Dryer housing, control panel, cooling grille
Rub with a soft, damp cloth.
Follow care information of the manufacturer!
Do not use any caustic cleaning agents/solvents.
Dry at normal temperature.
Immediately remove washing and cleaning agent residue.
Dry at low temperature -> also select J Low Heat.
Do not dry by machine.
Exhaust air duct
Do not dry the following textiles in the dryer:
Check exhaust air line. Clean the exhaust air duct every year.
Airtight textiles (e.g. rubberised).
Do not kink the exhaust air duct.
Delicate fabrics (silk, synthetic curtains) -> creases will form!
Dripping wet washing -> high energy consumption!
1. Switch off the dryer and allow it to cool down.
2. Pull out the mains plug.
Oil contaminated washing.
3. Remove the exhaust air duct.
Drying tips
4. Clean the exhaust air duct.
5. Refit the exhaust air duct (see the installation instructions
For a uniform drying result, sort the washing according to fabric type and drying
for the exhaust air duct)
Close zips, fasten hooks and eyes, button up quilt covers, tie fabric belts, apron
Moisture sensor
strings, etc.
Do not overdry the washing -> risk of creasing! Leave the washing to air.
The dryer is equipped with moisture sensors made of stainless
steel. The moisture level of the washing is measured with the
Do not iron the washing immediately after drying. Fold up the washing for a while
moisture sensors.
-> residual moisture will then be distributed evenly.
After a longer operating time, a fine layer of limescale may
Knitted textiles (e.g. T shirts, knitted underwear) often shrink when dried for the
form on the moisture sensors.
first time -> Do not use the Extra Dry programme.
The drying of starched washing should be limited -> Starch leaves a coating
which impairs drying.
1. Open the door.
2. Clean the moisture sensor using a damp sponge with a
Use the Timed Programme for a small load.
rough surface (scouring pad).
Protection of the environment / Conservation of energy
Before drying, thoroughly spin the washing in the washing machine ->
Higher spin speeds reduce the drying time and lower the energy consumption;
also spin easy care washing.
Use the maximum recommended load, but do not exceed it -> Page 7,
Do not use steel wool or abrasive materials.
"Overview of programmes".
Ensure that the room is well ventilated during the drying process.
Clean the fluff filter after each drying process -> Page 4.
Ensure that the cooling air flow is not obstructed -> Do not block or seal the
cooling grille.
Appliance must
be switched off!


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  • Page 1 Check Close filter, re insert and close door. Never use a damaged dryer! domestic appliance of the Siemens brand. The vented dryer is only for drying textiles which have been Identifying textiles Dryer housing, control panel, cooling grille...
  • Page 2 Installation Technical specifications What to do if... Safety instructions Repairs may be carried out by customer service or authorised technicians only! Included in standard delivery: dryer, operating and installation instructions. Dimensions (D x W x H) 60 x 60 x 85 cm (height adjustable) Emergency Immediately pull out mains plug or disconnect fuse.

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