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Cleaning The Spray Arms; Cleaning The Door; Caring For The Dishwasher - Samsung DW60R2014 Series User Manual

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Cleaning the spray arms


Cleaning the door

To clean the edge around the door, you should use only a soft cloth dampened in warm
Also, never use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads on the outer surfaces. They will scratch
the finish. Some papers towels can also scratch or leave marks on the surface.
Never use a spray cleaner to clean the door panel. The spray can damage the door lock
and electrical components. Do not use an abrasive cleaning agent or paper towels to clean
the door. They can scratch the door or leave spots on the stainless steel surface.

Caring for the dishwasher

To clean the control panel, use a lightly dampened cloth then dry thoroughly. To clean the
exterior, use a good appliance polish wax.
Never use sharp objects, scouring pads or harsh cleaners on any part of the dishwasher.
DW60R2014(A5)_IB_DD81-02706A-00_EN.indd 29
It is necessary to clean the spray arms
regularly. To remove the middle spray arm,
hold the nut, and then rotate the arm
clockwise to remove it. To remove the
lower spray arm, pull out the spray arm
upward.Wash the arms in warm, soapy
water, and then use a soft brush to clean
the jets. Rinse the arms thoroughly, and
then put them back in place.
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Table of Contents

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