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Control Panel - Samsung DW60R2014 Series User Manual

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Table of Contents
Setting up your dishwasher

Control panel

The Control Panel section has instructions for the DW60R2014US and the DW60R201AP.
Instructions for the DW60R2014US start below. Instructions for the DW60R2014AP start
on page 14.
02 Cycles
03 Half Load
04 Delay Start
05 Display Window
06 Sanitize
DW60R2014(A5)_IB_DD81-02706A-00_EN.indd 12
When you press the POWER button, the entire display turns on and
off. When the selected cycle is complete, the dishwasher powers
off automatically.
To select a wash cycle, press this button.
For small loads, use either the upper or lower rack only to save
energy. Press the Half Load button to select the upper or lower
Delay a cycle for up to 24 hours in one-hour increments. The hour
displayed indicates the time at which the wash will be started.
Displays the running time, Delay start hours, and information
codes. If a problem occurs during operation, a check message will
be displayed with a warning sound.
The temperature rises to 158 ˚F (70 ˚C) in the final rinse cycle for
high temperature sanitization. If you select the Sanitize option,
the "Sanitize" lamp blinks when the water temperature reaches
the sanitary temperature [over 156 ˚F (69 ˚C)], and then remains
illuminated until the Sanitize option ends. When you press the
POWER button, the "Sanitize" lamp turns off.
• The Normal cycle with the Sanitize option selected is NSF
• The Sanitize feature operates in accordance with NSF/ANSI
Standard 184 for residential dishwashers. Certified residential
dishwashers are not intended for licensed food establishments.
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Table of Contents

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