Multitab Function; Loading Cutlery And Dishes - Electrolux GA60LI220 User Manual

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10 electrolux
You can set the rinse aid dosage between
position 1 (lowest dosage) and position 4
(highest dosage).


The multitab function is for combi detergent
These tablets contain agents as detergent,
rinse aid and dishwasher salt. Some types
of tablets can contain other agents.
Be sure that these tablets are applicable for
the water hardness in your area (refer to the
instructions on the packaging of the prod-
The multitab function deactivates the flow
of rinse aid and salt.
The multitab function deactivates the indi-
cators of salt and rinse aid.
The programme duration can increase if
you use the multitab function.
Activate or deactivate the multitab
function before the start of a washing
programme. You cannot activate or de-
activate the function when a washing
programme operates.
To activate the multitab function
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Make sure that the appliance is in set-
ting mode.
3. Press and hold function buttons (D) and
(E) at the same time until the multitab in-
dicator comes on.


Refer to the leaflet 'Examples of Pro-
Clean loads'.
Hints and tips
• Do not put in the appliance items that
can absorb water (sponges, household
• Remove the remaining food from the
• Make soft the remaining burned food on
the items.
• Put hollow items (cups, glasses and
pans) with the opening down.
• Make sure that water does not collect in
containers or in bowls.
• Make sure that cutlery and dishes do not
bond together.
Turn the rinse aid selector
decrease the dosage.
4. Release function buttons (D) and (E).
The function is activated.
• When you activate the multitab func-
tion, it stays on until you deactivate it.
To deactivate the multitab function and
use separately detergent, salt and rinse
1. Activate the appliance.
2. Make sure that the appliance is in set-
ting mode.
3. Press and hold at the same time, func-
tion buttons (D) and (E) until the multitab
indicator goes on.
4. Release function buttons (D) and (E).
The function is deactivated.
5. Fill the salt container and the rinse aid
6. Adjust the water hardness to the highest
7. Start a washing programme without
8. When the washing programme is com-
pleted, adjust the water softener to the
water hardness in your area.
9. Adjust the quantity of rinse aid.
• Make sure that the glasses do not touch
other glasses.
• Put small items in the cutlery basket.
• Mix the spoons with other cutlery to pre-
vent them to bond together.
• When you put the items in the baskets,
make sure that the water can touch all
• Put light items in the upper basket. Make
sure that the items do not move.
• Water droplets can collect on plastic
items and non-stick pans.
Beer glass holders
The beer glass holders prevent beer
glasses to move while a washing pro-
gramme operates.
to increase or


Table of Contents

Table of Contents