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  • Page 1 User Manual...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Index Chapter page Box contents 2.1 Attach to door 2.2 Attach to tree 2.3 Attach to Truss rack/horizontal bar Adjust length Basic guidelines exercises (easier, harder etc.) 5.1 Chest exercises 5.2 Abdominal exercises 5.3 Biceps exercises 5.4 Triceps exercises 5.5 Back exercises 5.6 Shoulder exercises Disclaimer...
  • Page 3: Box Contents

    1. Box contents In the box you will find the PT4Pro suspension trainer, which consists of 2 hand grips, 1 anchor line, 2 in ® height adjustable attachment lines, 1 storage bag and a manual. The manual lists all the basic guidelines plus some examples of exercises to help you get the most out of your workout.
  • Page 4: Attach To Door

    2.1 Attach to door The PT4Pro can be used in a number of ways. The PT4Pro can be attached to a doorpost, a strong tree ® ® trunk, fastened to the wall, fastened to the ceiling, etc. It is important that the object that you choose for attachment is strong enough to hold your weight.
  • Page 5: Attach To Tree

    2.2 Attach to tree Wrap the anchor line around the tree and click it into one of the adjustable rings (Example 1). Then close the protective cover to prevent damage to the tree (Example 2). Trees with a diameter between 20 and 30 cm are best for workouts with the PT4Pro ®...
  • Page 6: Attach To Truss Rack/Horizontal Bar

    2.3 Attach to truss rack/horizontal bar Pull the end of the PT4Pro (last hook with protective cover) behind the truss rack/horizontal bar. ® Pull the hook forward at the top and attach it to one of the rings (see Example 1 and 2). Now the workout can start. Example of attachment to a truss rack/horizontal bar: Example 1 Example 2...
  • Page 7: Adjust Length

    3. Adjust length In order to shorten the PT4Pro you can attach the attachment lines higher on the rings of the anchor line. ® The PT4Pro can be shortened with the attachment lines that are adjustable in height. ® In order to lengthen the PT4Pro you can attach the attachment lines lower on the rings of the anchor line.
  • Page 8 4. Basic guidelines exercises (easier, harder, etc) 1. Make sure the PT4Pro is correctly fastened. Always check this before starting with a new exercise. ® 2. Start in a limited angle position (for less intensity) in order to master the exercise (see example 1). If the repetitions are easy to do you can change the angle to increase intensity.
  • Page 9: Chest Exercises

    5.1 Chest exercises Stand below the attachment point and hang forward (see Example 1). Make sure the arms are in a 90-degree angle and then crouch down (see Example 2). Make sure your hands are not behind your chest. Tip! The greater the angle in starting position, the higher the intensity of the exercise. Example 1 Example 2...
  • Page 10: Abdominal Exercises

    5.2 Abdominal exercises Lay flat down on your back with the PT4Pro at knee height at approx. half a meter from the floor. ® (see Example 1). Next, take the handles and press your chest forward. Slowly get up using your arm and abdominal muscles (see Example 2).
  • Page 11: Biceps Exercises

    5.3 Biceps exercises Take both handles and lean backwards (see Example 1). Start with your arms stretched and then move forward until your hands are at head height (see Example 2). Make sure the upper arms are at the same height as your nipples.
  • Page 12: Triceps Exercises

    5.4 Triceps exercises Take both handles and step back until your feet are at the same height as the attachment point. Continue to hang forward and make sure the arms remain slightly apart (see Example 1). Then bend the elbows until your hands are behind your back (see Example 2).
  • Page 13: Back Exercises

    5.5 Back exercises Take both handles and lean back (see Example 1). Start with the arms stretched and pull your forearm in a line backwards until the forearms are at nipple height (see Example 2). Tip! The greater the angle in starting position, the higher the intensity of the exercise will be. Example 1 Example 2...
  • Page 14 Stand sideward at approx. 1.5 meter from the attachment point. Spread your legs a little bit. Now hold 1 hand alongside your body and stretch the other arm over the cable. Move your hand downwards along the cable and stretch it as far as possible in the direction of the floor. Tip! To increase intensity, reduce the distance to the point of movement.
  • Page 15 PT4Pro cannot accept any responsibility or liability for direct, indirect, incidental, specific or consequential ® damage, costs and claims of any nature that are the result of neglecting to follow the correct guidelines for suspension training as mentioned in the manual of PT4Pro .
  • Page 16 www.pt4pro.nl...

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