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Accuracy; Measurement Method; Special Conditions; Special Features - Walgreens BD-1234W Owner's Manual

Ultra deluxe inflate blood pressure monitor with heart sense
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Walgreens monitors have been clinically tested against a
scientific device called a sphygmomanometer, considered the
gold standard in blood pressure measurement. All Walgreens
monitors have performed equivalent to measurements taken
with this scientific device and are within the accuracy limits
prescribed by the American National Standard for Electronic
or Automated Sphygmomanometers.

Measurement Method

Walgreens monitors measure blood pressure and pulse by
using what's called an oscillometric method, meaning they
measure the fluctuations in pressure. This is done by first
wrapping a fitted cuff around the upper arm. The monitor
then automatically fills the cuff with air creating pressure
around the arteries inside of the arm. Mounted inside of the
cuff is a special gauge that is capable of sensing the small
oscillations (fluctuations) in pressure. These fluctuations are
produced as a result of the pressure the cuff has placed
around the arm and are, in a basic sense, the arteries pulsing
(getting larger and smaller) with each heart beat. The monitor
then measures how high and how quickly these pulses occur
and converts that information into a digital value. A special
valve, called an electrode, deflates the monitor automatically
when the measurement is complete.

Special Conditions

All Walgreens blood pressure monitors are safe and accurate
to use with arrhythmias such as atrial or ventricular premature
beats and atrial fibrillation.

Special Features

This Walgreens monitor with Heart Sense technology
senses your blood pressure before the measurement is
complete - the monitor then adjusts the air pressure amount
according to your individual level. The results are quick,
comfortable measurements each time your check your blood
Large Three Row Display with Backlight
A large LCD with a backlight illuminate the time, date and your
blood pressure - systolic over diastolic - to make measuring your
blood pressure easy to read.
Memory Feature
Your Walgreens Ultra Deluxe Inflate monitor features a 3
party memory capability or 3 "zones" - each zone stores 40
measurements for a total storage capacity of 120
measurements. This unique feature allows 3 users to use and
store their blood pressure readings separately all on one
Time and Date
This monitor automatically keeps track of the time and date
and remains on when the monitor is not in use for easy

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Table of Contents

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