Audio Playback; Fm Modulator Playback - Vizualogic A-1000 Owner's Manual

Headrest video monitor system with built-in dvd
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Remote Control Operations
21. AUDIO UP – Press this button to increase
playback volume.
22. SUBTITLE – Changes the subtitle language
to other available languages or turns the
subtitles off (only applicable if the disc
contains multiple subtitle languages).
23. AUDIO – Changes the audio track to
another available language (only applicable
if the disc contains multiple audio tracks).
24. REPEAT – (Except VCD with PBC on)
Repeats all or a part of a chapter, title,
track, or an entire disc.
25. A-B (Except MP3) – Repeats disc from
user selected point A to point B.
26. GOTO – Navigate the Goto Menu and go
to the desired title, chapter, track or song
on the disc.
27. DISPLAY – Show information on the left-
up corner on the screen including title,
chapter/track, time elapsed, and time
remained, or turn off the display.
28. PLAY MODE – For MP3 use.
29. MUTE – Press this button to mute the audio to the wireless headphones.
The screen will display 'MUTE' in the lower left corner when using this
feature. Press the button again to restore audio to the previously set level.
30. ZOOM – Enlarge the picture in the movie by 2x, 3x or 4x. Shrink the picture
in the movie by 1/2x, 1/3x, or 1/4x.
31. PLAY – Press this button to play a disc that is loaded into the integrated
DVD player.
You can temporarily choose what order the songs will play on a disc. The FOLD-
ER play mode is the default playback mode. To access the play mode options,
press REPEAT button.
The play mode options are as follows:
Single: Plays a selected song.
Folder: Plays the folder in the order the songs were recorded.
Random: Plays the songs in the random order.
Shuffle: Plays the songs in random order (from within the selected folder).
The default mode for the repeat feature is OFF. Pressing REPEAT multiple times
changes the repeat option:
REPEAT One – repeats the song that is playing.
REPEAT Folder – repeats the folder that is playing.

Audio Playback

The Vizualogic A-1000 System features multiple ways to enjoy the audio portion
of a desired source. The audio can be experienced through the use of Infrared
Headphones or with the integrated wireless FM Modulator

FM Modulator Playback

To listen to the audio portion of the viewed source though the vehicle's stereo
system aim the remote at the driver's side monitor and simply press the 'FM ON
/ OFF' button to turn the FM modulator on. The screen will now display FM
CH1 87.9MHz. Tune the vehicle's radio to the corresponding station to listen to
the source that is displayed on the driver's side monitor. The frequency that the
FM modulator transmits on can be changed by aiming the remote at the driver's



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