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Yamaha disklavier IV / Pro Series Maintenance Handbook

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IV / Pro series
DC3M4, DC3M4t
DC5M4, DC5M4t
DC6M4, DC6M4t
DC7M4, DC7M4t
DIO v1.05, SC v1.01



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  Summary of Contents for Yamaha disklavier IV / Pro Series

  • Page 1 IV / Pro series MAINTENANCE HANDBOOK DGC1M4 DC1M4 DC2M4 DC3M4, DC3M4t DC5M4, DC5M4t DC6M4, DC6M4t DC7M4, DC7M4t DC3M4 PRO DC5M4 PRO DC6M4 PRO DC7M4 PRO DS4M4 PRO DS6M4 PRO DCFIIISM4 PRO MHB23 DIO v1.05, SC v1.01...
  • Page 2 Introduction This manual is based on the initial production version of the Disklavier Mark IV / Pro series as follows. DIO100 (I/O center) version 1.05 Nov. 2004 - Interface operation program Service center program version 1.01 Nov. 2004 - Post delivery and maintenance program Updated information will be informed in the future with additional service news.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    1. Table of Contents Introduction 1) Table of contents ----- 2) MKIV/Pro model line-up ----- 3) MKIV/Pro features ----- 4) System construction ----- 5) MKIV/Pro installation manual Post delivery check 5 - 1. Pedal lyre installation ----- 5 - 2. Attaching Media Center Unit ----- 5 - 3.
  • Page 4: Mkiv/Pro Model Line-Up

    2. MKIV/Pro model line-up Mark Ⅳ series Model Name DKV type Sensing quality Servo system Power Supply Remote control Others DGC1M4 Gray-scale DC1M4 Key Sensor Motor drive n Silent 3.5" LCD Pocket DC2M4 Control Tone m odule DC3M4 (PRC-100) AWM2 wireless LAN Rec/PB DC5M4...
  • Page 5: Mkiv/Pro Features

    3. MKIV/Pro Features and New Functions Enhancements made to the Disklavier operational and piano system, plus new technologies and functions are described below. 1) Gray-scale sensor system on hammer and key mechanisms provides continuous monitor- A gray-scale sensor system installed on both the hammer and key mechanisms allow accurate monitoring of the movement of each hammer and key over the key's full stroke.
  • Page 6: System Construction

    4. System construction I/O center / (DIO100) LINUX OS PC system with 80GB hard disk. Tone generator and audio processor cards are inside. The I/O center connects to the PRC100/TRC100 using wireless LAN card (WD05740). Media center / (DMC100) The Media Center has both CD and FDD drives. It is connected to the I/O center with a D-sub cable similar to the cable that connected the Mark III control unit to the piano.
  • Page 7: Pedal Lyre Installation

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 1. Pedal lyre installation MKIV and Pro have the same pedal HINT! system with 2 connecting cables. MKIV MHB23 MKIV/PRO DIOV1.05, SCV.1.01 PAGE.05...
  • Page 8: Attaching Media Center Unit

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 2. Attaching Media Center Unit Check all accesories before attaching HINT! Make sure the following items are supplied with your Disklavier: . Media Center (1) . Cradle (1) . Installation kit for the Media Center (1 set) .
  • Page 9: Speaker Installation For Mkiv

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 3. Speaker Installation for MKIV Pro series does not include speakers HINT! 1) Attach the hanger to the bottom. 2) Connect the speaker cord to the INPUT LINE2 phone jack. Hang the Monitor Speaker to the bracket. Screw the thumbscrews to secure the Monitor Speaker.
  • Page 10: Setting Up Prc100 Pocket Controller

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 4. Setting Up PRC100 Pocket Controller The battery is minimum charged before shipping. HINT! It takes approx. 4 hours to be charged fully. 4) Set the battery replacement switch 1) Remove the card slot protector, and back to the [NORMAL OPERATION] then insert the supplied CF wireless position.
  • Page 11: Preparing The Tablet Controller

    North American model only 5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 5. Preparing the Tablet Controller HINT! Battery charge takes 4 hours 1) Set up the cradle. 2) Put the rechargeable battery into the Tablet Controller. Tip: Before removing the battery, move the bat tery lock to the direction of an arrow.
  • Page 12: Taking Out Action And Pedal Check

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 6. Taking out action and pedal check You can take them out under power standby HINT! status --> Refer to 5-11 For removing the wood rail which holds hammer shanks 1) Remove fallboard, key blocks and key slip You do not have to remove media center to remove key block screws.
  • Page 13: Turning The Disklavier On

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 7. Turning the Disklavier on This procedure is similar to turning on a desk HINT! top PC 1) Confirm that the power cable of the Power Supply unit is connected to an AC wall outlet. 2) Press the [ON] side of the [POWER] switch on the Monitor speakers.
  • Page 14: Post Delivery Check - Service Center Program

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 8. Post delivery check - Service Center program PRC100 should be operated on the cradle HINT! since the battery is not fully charged. 1, Post delivery checking 2, Program versions Current version checking screen By pushing play button Blue: CSP detected at this screen, all...
  • Page 15: Operating Demo Songs

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 9. Operating demo songs Pressing buttons Tapping with the stylus pen Press (cursor buttons) to move the focus on the de- Touch an item (application icon, button, control, etc.) sired icon, button, control, etc., and then press (se- on the touch screen once to execute lect button) to execute its function.
  • Page 16: Standby Mode And Shut Down

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 10. Standby mode and shut down Make sure that the system is completely off HINT! before unplugging. Turning the Disklavier Off (Standby Mode) Shutting Down the Disklavier After daily use, be sure to turn the Disklavier off by Before disconnecting the power cable from the following the procedure below.
  • Page 17: Mkiv/Pro Power Supplying Status

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 11. MKIV/Pro power supplying status STATUS 0 The unswitched outlet on the PS unit is not active until the Power supply unit OFF   PS OFF PS power switch is ON. Turn PS unit OFF Turn PS unit ON STATUS 1a Piano system standby...
  • Page 18: Prc100 Initial Setting

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 12 - 1. PRC100 initial setting Please wait until each procedure completes, HINT! in order to avoid freezing screen Calibrating the Touch Screen Initial Settings of the Pocket Controller The following procedure calibrates the touch screen to The following functions are available to control the improve the accuracy of the tapping operation.
  • Page 19: Prc100 Task Bar And Time Zone

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 12 - 2. PRC100 task bar and time zone Wi-fi (wireless LAN) provides omnidirectional HINT! long distance communication Initial Settings of the Pocket Controller 1) Tap on [Date/Time] in the [PRC- 100 Menu] screen. 2) Tap on [Time Zone] , and then on your time zone in the drop down list.
  • Page 20: Prc100 Rebooting, Resetting And Pairing

    5. MKIV/Pro installation manual 5 - 12 - 3. PRC100 rebooting, resetting and pairing Rebooting or resetting will be more effective HINT! countermeasure than Mark III systems Resetting the Pocket Controller Rebooting the Pocket Controller When rebooting cannot be performed or the Pocket Controller does not work correctly even after rebooting, 1) Tap on on the task bar.
  • Page 21: Pedal Unit Adjustment

    6. Regular field servicing 6 - 1. Pedal unit adjustment You can perform this adjustment in Stand-by mode. * needs 2 min. discharging after put- Pedal rod adjustment ting in Stand-by mode --> Please refer to 5-6. for the adjustment Pedal solenoid adjustment When a pedal solenoid becomes noisy due to heavy use, the following procedure is recommended.
  • Page 22: Removing / Re-Installing Hammer Sensor

    6. Regular field servicing 6 - 2. Removing / re-installing hammer sensor You can work this adjustment under Stand-by mode. Removing hammer sensor Remove the 2 mini DIN connectors. ( for Hammer and key sensor ) Loosen and remove the hexagonal screws and hold up the sensor straight up slowly to avoid gray-scale shutter damage.
  • Page 23: Maintenance Mode In The Service Center

    6. Regular field servicing 6 - 3. Maintenance Mode in the Service Center Service Center program consists on both for post delivery checking and for maintenance. Only one controller can be connected under Service Center program mode. Service Center program Service Center ( Open mode) Maintenance mode See 5-8.
  • Page 24: Calibration By Using Key Board Switch

    6, Regular field servicing 6 - 4. Calibration by using key board switch 1) The purpose of the function In order to execute calibration procedure even if the PRC100 control unit is not together with Disklavier. 2) Possible procedures a) Key sensor / hammer sensor calibration b) Key board calibration (Full) (15 minutes) c) Pedal calibration ( incl.Pedal half point auto adjustment ) d) Pedal half point manual adjustment -- When it is necessary.
  • Page 25: Electronical Check By Maintenance Mode

    6. Regular field servicing 6 - 5. Electronical check by Maintenance mode Hammer sensor height adjustment is not necessary on Mark IV models. Calibration compensates certain sensor height differences instead. Sensor positions are provided by software after the calibration was done and it will be shown graphically in the ‘...
  • Page 26: Replacing Gray-Scale Hammer / Key Shutters

    7. Replacing gray-scale hammer / key shutters Gray scale shutters replacement Since both gray scale hammer shutters and key shutters are optical transmission type, replace- ment might be necessary when there comes an error message with certain key numbers dis- played during sensor calibration.
  • Page 27: 1) Program Updating - Updating Disklavier

    8-1. Updating the Disklavier First you need to update the Disklavier (I/O Center and Central Signal Processor), and then, update Pocket Controller and Tablet Controller. Updating the I/O Center and Central Making an Install Floppy Disk Signal Processor 1) Turn the Disklavier on. ( pg. 4 1, Tap on in the [Main] screen, Turning the Disklavier On in Quick...
  • Page 28: 2) Updating Tablet Controller (North American Model Only)

    8-2. Updating the Tablet Controller (for North America) Updating the Tablet Controller 1) Confirm that the Disklavier is turned on, and then press 6) Tap on The Tablet Controller automatically restarts. (Power button) on the Tablet Controller. Note: If the wireless LAN is outside the specified communication range or there is no 2) Press (P button) on the Tablet Controller.
  • Page 29: Trouble Shooting And Error Logs

    9. Trouble shooting and error logs Specifying the cause and first aid CSP board is the center of the piano driving / sensing system, I/O center (DIO100) is the operation center. PRC100/TRC100 Silent motor drive Operation center Piano center Media Center CSP board I/O Center Key / Hammer sensor...
  • Page 30: Main Service Parts

    10. Main service parts The following is a list of the main service parts for MarkIV and MarlkIV Pro series. Pa rt N o. Pa rts na m e R em a rk s WC867700 HAMMER SENSOR UNIT GS C3 MARK4 For C3, C5, S4 WC867800 HAMMER SENSOR UNIT GS C6 MARK4...
  • Page 31: Video Syncronized Recording (Hooking Up Av Equipment)

    11. Video Synchronized Recording By recording a song played on the Disklavier synchronized with the video recording, later on, you can enjoy piano play- back with the video. First set up the camcorder and the Disklavier, and then start recording by following the proce- dures below.
  • Page 32: Checking Wireless Lan Network Condition

    12. Checking wireless LAN network condition In case of a strong wireless LAN network (Wi-fi) is exsisting around the disklavier, PRC100/TRC100 controller might have connection problem with the Disklavier. Open the network program from the menu screen and check your LAN communication quality. Wi-fi channel change by using I/O center dip switch function.
  • Page 33: Block Diagram

    13. Block diagram MHB23 MKIV/PRO DIOV1.05, SCV.1.01 PAGE.31...
  • Page 34: Service Center Menu Map

    14. Service Center program map Service Center - Version 1.01 Menu Index Service Center/ Page 12. 1: Post Delivery Check <Test playback> 5: Piano Tests/ A: Key scaling 1: Sensor Depth Test (BarGraph). B: Right Pedal Moving 2: Pedal Depth Test (BarGraph). C: Left Pedal Moving 3: Check Key Sensor Connection.
  • Page 35 3: Log View/ 5: Soft Pedal/ 1: All data/ 1: Soft Pedal All. 1: Order By Date/Time. 2: Errors. 2: Order By Code. 3: Warnings. 3: Order By Type(E0,E1,LG,OK-). 4: Temperature Memos. 5: Stroke cal. 2: Specific Date/ 1: Today. 6: Motor/ 2: Since Yesterday.