Functional Description; Installing Or Removing Battery Cartridge - Makita DCL184 Instruction Manual

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Do not use a damaged battery.
10. The contained lithium-ion batteries are subject to
the Dangerous Goods Legislation requirements.
For commercial transports e.g. by third parties,
forwarding agents, special requirement on pack-
aging and labeling must be observed.
For preparation of the item being shipped, consult-
ing an expert for hazardous material is required.
Please also observe possibly more detailed
national regulations.
Tape or mask off open contacts and pack up the
battery in such a manner that it cannot move
around in the packaging.
When disposing the battery cartridge, remove
it from the tool and dispose of it in a safe
place. Follow your local regulations relating to
disposal of battery.
12. Use the batteries only with the products
specified by Makita. Installing the batteries to
non-compliant products may result in a fire, exces-
sive heat, explosion, or leak of electrolyte.
13. If the tool is not used for a long period of time,
the battery must be removed from the tool.
14. During and after use, the battery cartridge may
take on heat which can cause burns or low
temperature burns. Pay attention to the han-
dling of hot battery cartridges.
15. Do not touch the terminal of the tool immediately
after use as it may get hot enough to cause burns.
16. Do not allow chips, dust, or soil stuck into the
terminals, holes, and grooves of the battery
cartridge. It may result in poor performance or
breakdown of the tool or battery cartridge.
17. Unless the tool supports the use near
high-voltage electrical power lines, do not use
the battery cartridge near high-voltage electri-
cal power lines. It may result in a malfunction or
breakdown of the tool or battery cartridge.
18. Keep the battery away from children.
Only use genuine Makita batteries.
Use of non-genuine Makita batteries, or batteries that
have been altered, may result in the battery bursting
causing fires, personal injury and damage. It will
also void the Makita warranty for the Makita tool and
Tips for maintaining maximum
battery life
Charge the battery cartridge before completely
discharged. Always stop tool operation and
charge the battery cartridge when you notice
less tool power.
Never recharge a fully charged battery cartridge.
Overcharging shortens the battery service life.
Charge the battery cartridge with room tempera-
ture at 10 °C - 40 °C (50 °F - 104 °F). Let a hot
battery cartridge cool down before charging it.
When not using the battery cartridge, remove
it from the tool or the charger.
Charge the battery cartridge if you do not use
it for a long period (more than six months).
Always be sure that the tool is
switched off and the battery cartridge is removed
before adjusting or checking function on the tool.
Take care not to trap finger(s)
between cleaner and battery when loading bat-
tery. Trapping finger(s) may cause injury.
Installing or removing battery
Always switch off the tool before
installing or removing of the battery cartridge.
Hold the tool and the battery car-
tridge firmly when installing or removing battery
cartridge. Failure to hold the tool and the battery
cartridge firmly may cause them to slip off your hands
and result in damage to the tool and battery cartridge
and a personal injury.
► 1. Red indicator 2. Button 3. Battery cartridge
To remove the battery cartridge, slide it from the tool
while sliding the button on the front of the cartridge.
To install the battery cartridge, align the tongue on the
battery cartridge with the groove in the housing and slip
it into place. Insert it all the way until it locks in place
with a little click. If you can see the red indicator on the
upper side of the button, it is not locked completely.
Always install the battery cartridge
fully until the red indicator cannot be seen. If not,
it may accidentally fall out of the tool, causing injury to
you or someone around you.
Do not install the battery cartridge
forcibly. If the cartridge does not slide in easily, it is
not being inserted correctly.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents