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Cordless Cleaner
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Summary of Contents for Makita DCL184ZO

  • Page 1 INSTRUCTION MANUAL Cordless Cleaner DCL184 Read before use.
  • Page 2: Specifications

    WARNING • This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sen- sory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruc- tion concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. •...
  • Page 3: Safety Warnings

    20. Do not expose a battery pack or tool to fire or Intended use excessive temperature. Exposure to fire or tem- perature above 130 °C may cause explosion. The tool is intended for collecting dry dust. 21. Follow all charging instructions and do not charge the battery pack or tool outside the temperature range specified in the instruc- SAFETY WARNINGS...
  • Page 4: Functional Description

    Avoid storing battery cartridge in a con- causing fires, personal injury and damage. It will also tainer with other metal objects such as void the Makita warranty for the Makita tool and charger. nails, coins, etc. Do not expose battery cartridge to water Tips for maintaining maximum or rain.
  • Page 5: Overload Protection

    To remove the battery cartridge, slide it from the tool Indicating the remaining battery while sliding the button on the front of the cartridge. capacity To install the battery cartridge, align the tongue on the battery cartridge with the groove in the housing and slip Only for battery cartridges with the indicator it into place.
  • Page 6 Switch action Installing dust bag Use the dust stopper when installing dust bag. Be careful not to take the upper side for the lower side by mistake because they are different each other. ► 1. ON/speed change button 2. OFF button To start the cleaner, simply push the ON/speed change button.
  • Page 7 Place the dust stopper and the dust bag together into the Installing the paper filter cleaner cavity in the same direction of arrow on the dust stop- per. Insert them all the way into the slots in the cleaner cavity. Use the dust stopper also when installing paper filter.
  • Page 8: Installing The Shoulder Strap

    Overlap the frame of dust stopper with that of the Close the dust case cover completely. paper filter. ► 1. Dust case cover NOTE: When the paper filter is not installed in Place the dust stopper and the paper filter the cleaner, the dust case cover does not close together into the cleaner cavity in the same direction of completely.
  • Page 9: Operation

    Installing or removing the cleaner NOTE: You can also attach the shoulder strap to the attachment soft bag (optional accessory) as illustrated. To connect an attachment such as a nozzle, twist and insert it securely to the hose. To disconnect, twist and remove it.
  • Page 10 Soft brush Mat nozzle This nozzle is convenient for cleaning the air condi- This nozzle is used for cleaning the floor mat and tioner vents, dashboard, etc. The head of the soft brush carpet. The teeth on the nozzle help raking out sand can be turned to right angle.
  • Page 11 Never block suction inlet and/or ► 1. Dust stopper blower outlet. Be careful not to block suction inlet or blower outlet with dust or dirt when operating in dusty area. CAUTION: Do not use nozzles other than the nozzles provided by Makita. 11 ENGLISH...
  • Page 12: Maintenance

    To maintain product SAFETY and RELIABILITY, repairs, any other maintenance or adjustment should be performed by Makita Authorized or Factory Service Centers, always using Makita replacement parts. Cleaning From time to time wipe off the outside (cleaner body) of the cleaner using a cloth dampened in soapy water.
  • Page 13 Removing and installing the sponge filter WARNING: Never use the charger while stor- ing it in the storage bag. Blocking the air vent may CAUTION: After cleaning sponge filter, be result in smoking emission or a fire. sure to install it on the cleaner. If washed in water, dry it up before installing.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES CAUTION: These accessories or attachments are recommended for use with your Makita tool specified in this manual. The use of any other accessories or attachments might present a risk of injury to persons. Only use accessory or attachment for its stated purpose.
  • Page 16 Makita Europe N.V. Jan-Baptist Vinkstraat 2, 3070 Kortenberg, Belgium Makita Corporation 3-11-8, Sumiyoshi-cho, Anjo, Aichi 446-8502 Japan 885803A227 20210107...

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